‘Big Brother 18’: Bridgette Dunning Reflects On Eviction And Her ‘Thing’ For Knees

Bridgette Dunning made an early alliance with Frank Eudy on Big Brother 18, and according to the show’s latest evictee, it was that partnership with the Big Brother 14 veteran that was ultimately her undoing. In a post-eviction interview with TV Guide, Bridgette said she has no regrets about cozying up to the curly-haired salesman, who had a similar ride-or-die alliance with a veteran, Mike “Boogie” Malin, during his novice outing.

“Honestly, I think my friendship with Frank hindered my game because it made this massive mark on my back since the beginning. However, I don’t regret it at all — his friendship made this entire experience worth it.”

Ironically for a woman who left the house with a brace on one knee, she told TV Guide she notices that part of the body. The traveling nurse spotted the similarities between Vanessa and Tiffany Rousso early in Big Brother 18, not because of their obvious mannerisms, voices, and facial features, but their legs.

“It’s one of my odd habits. I think I have a thing for knees, and kneecaps.”

In a separate interview with Big Brother Network, Bridgette described herself as a feminist, and that was one reason the house turned on her and voted her out in the second eviction on Thursday night. Her ouster came after her participation in a successful vote flip against Paulie, who had been running the house before his game began to unravel last week.

“I think I showed my cards as a very headstrong feminist who is unwilling to back down from a fight. If someone comes at me, I just can’t help myself but to defend what I believe in and my friends.”

With a new perspective on the game after being sent out, Bridgette named the individual she thought is playing best at the moment: Paulie’s former partner in crime, Paul, who has done and effective job of not making enemies but still maintaining a position of power in the house.

“I think Paul is playing the best game right now. He’s proven to be a man of his word. He’s a strong physical competitor and he’s incredibly smart. I think if he plays his cards right he can make it to the end. Which is why I tried to make an alliance with him.”

'Big Brother' host Julie Chen and Les Moonves
'Big Brother' host Julie Chen and Leslie Moonves, CBS executive, appear together at the CBS Upfronts in May 2016. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Bridgette was booted after Corey, who had shown little interest in playing the game up until this point, won both the Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions on double eviction night. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, host Julie Chen revealed Corey showed his lack of strategic initiative by asking his alliance members who to nominate. She also said she wished at that point Big Brother had a rule that the just-installed HOH was required to make nominations immediately instead of chatting with other folks.

“I normally love eavesdropping on the strategy sessions and seeing people try to cut deals or beg for safety, but Corey was so lost on what to do.”

With Bridgette and Zakiyah both out of the house last Thursday, joining Da’Vonne in the jury house, there is yet to be a male member of the jury. Of the remaining players, only three are female, but they need not necessarily fear they will be picked off one by one. Nicole has Super Safety this week, as revealed in Sunday’s episode, and Michelle and Natalie are not direct targets. New HOH Victor seems set on sending home Paulie, taking advice from Paul and others who used to be on Paulie’s side.

Big Brother 18 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights on CBS and live feeds are available 24-hours-a-day on CBS All Access.

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