Woman Caught Urinating And Then Showering On NYC Subway

woman showers and urinates on subway

New York City, NY – A woman was caught urinating and then cleansing herself with a mini-shower on a subway car in the Big Apple. New Yorkers are exposed to a plethora of oddities on a daily basis, but even hardened residents were a bit shocked by the unusual Subway antics.

Video footage of the woman who appears to wet herself and then takes a quickie sponge bath on the crowded underground car, clearly illustrates the shocked looks of her fellow passengers, according to the Daily Mail. The NYC underground transportation vehicles are not known for their sweet smell and the stench of human urine surely added to the overall nasty aroma and ickiness on the floor.

Disbelieving riders watched with disdain as the standing woman crouched ever so slightly and then appeared to take a big pee mere inches away from other passengers. After she relieved herself, out comes a gallon jug from a Mary Poppins style purse. Water spray from the makeshift shower surely spread the urine beneath the shoes of the irritated NYC subway car occupants.

Although the exact date the bizarre incident took place is unknown, the video was uploaded onto the World Star Hip Hop website on Thursday. Many viewers of the subway video, which is quickly headed towards viral status, are skeptical of the spontaneous nature of the incident.

Although it is possible that a woman could routinely pack around a gallon of water, a cute pink sponge, and liquid soap – it is rather unlikely. During the five-minute video, the urinating woman is heard apologizing to the other riders. She states that she had to wash up because she is meeting friends later, emphasizing that she cannot “stay like this stink” since she has plans later.