Kate Middleton Photos An ‘Inside Job’? Police Questioning Chateau Staff

Kate Middleton Topless Photos May Be 'Inside Job'

Investigators in the Kate Middleton topless photo scandal are now investigating the possibility of an inside job, interviewing every staff member at the private French chateau where the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband, Prince William, vacationed.

Police are considering the possibility that a staff member is at least partially responsible for the photos, which the royals have called a “gruesome” invasion of their privacy, reports The Examiner.

Investigators believe that the photographer who took the nude Kate Middleton photos was possibly tipped off by a staff member, and are now investigating how the photographer was able to know exactly where to stand to get the topless photos of Middleton.

The chateau is allegedly being treated like a crime scene, as well as the area where investigators believe the photos were taken from. The scandalous photos were supposedly taken from a hill in the road about a half mile away from the chateau.

Police are combing the area for DNA and any other evidence they can find as they attempt to identify the photographer. The Daily Mail notes that the latest investigation at the chateau comes after French paparazzo Pascal Rostain stated that an Englishman living in southern France is the photographer who staked out the Royal couple at the chateau while they were on their holiday.

A source near the investigation has said that:

“Officially the crime scene is the chateau and its environs. This will be visited by detectives who will then have to work out how the photographer came to be there – who alerted him to the presence of the royal couple and where he took the pictures from. This kind of investigation involves interviewing as many potential witnesses as possible.”

If (or when) the photographer is found, they could face a year in jail and a hefty fine, due to the Kate Middleton nude photo scandal being a criminal investigation.