Russian Woman Reportedly Claims To Husband And Police She Was Raped By A ‘Pokémon GO’ Character

A strange situation involving the popular augmented-reality smartphone game app, Pokémon GO, recently came out of Russia. Reportedly, a Russian woman claimed to both her husband and police that she was raped by a Pokémon GO character.

According to an article written by Daily Mail, Russian police state that a young Russian woman filed a formal complaint claiming she was sexually assaulted by a giant Pokemon in her apartment in the Russian capital city of Moscow. Apparently, the woman, who’s name was not released to the public, was playing the popular smartphone game app right before she fell asleep. She woke up to find a huge Pokemon lying on top of her boy in which she claims was raping her.

Snorlax, Pokémon, Pokémon GO
The Russian woman who claimed that a giant Pokémon had sexually assaulted her did not state what the Pokémon was. Given the fact it was a "giant" Pokémon, Snorlax could be a "culprit." [Image via Abcboy/Bulbapedia/Bulbagarden]

The Russian woman claims the Pokemon lying on top of her having its way with her, disappeared when she got out of bed. Despite the Pokemon disappearing, she claims its “presence” is still detectable through Pokemon GO on her phone. She then woke her husband and told him what had happened between her and the Pokemon.

Apparently, the husband of the Russian woman did not believe what she was saying and suggested she needed to see a psychiatrist, as reported by Opposing Views. She recently took her husband’s advice and scheduled an appointment with a psychiatrist, but reports do state she went to see a psychic first. Unfortunately for her, the psychic could not help the Russian woman with her problem.

Nevertheless, most people would think the Russian woman is crazy to think she could be raped by a fictitious character through a smartphone app. However, a friend of the Russian woman, Ivan Makarov, is sticking by her side saying she has been having Pokemon problems ever since she started playing Pokemon GO.

“She says there are too many Pokémon at her place and even the dog can sense them. She says the dog barks whenever she plays Pokémon Go.”

Ash Ketchum's Muk, Muk, Pokémon, Pokémon Go
Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of the Pokémon manga and anime series, has a Muk that is known to be "very affectionate," as seen in this scene with Jessie of Team Rocket. It is possible the Pokémon that reportedly sexually-assaulted her was a Muk. [Image via Toon Ganondorf/Bulbagarden/Bulbapedia]

In related news pertaining to the augmented reality, smartphone game app, Pokemon GO has become the most-popular app to ever be downloaded on phones around the world in the history of smartphone apps. It took a bit of a dive about a couple of weeks ago when Niantic thought it was smart to remove the “three step” tracking used in Pokemon GoO to help players find Pokemon in their area, but that seems to be rectified now that the new “sightings” feature is a tracking fix that actually works.

Let’s not forget that Pokemon GO is actually the reason why many people, especially millennials, are getting their much-needed requirement of exercise. The constant cardio and exposure to the sun is making Pokemon GO one of the most effective ways to prevent heart attacks or Vitamin D deficiency.

As for the Russian woman claiming she was raped by a giant Pokemon in Pokemon GO, it can be added to the list of crazy Pokemon GO stories to accumulate over the last couple of months including shootings, a player falling into water, a husband catching a Pokemon while his wife delivers a baby, thieves using Pokemon GO to rob people, and Pokemon GO sending people to unique places like strip clubs.

[Image via Toon Ganondorf/Bulbagarden/Bulbapedia]