Christine Frenzel: Interior Designer Loses Her Balance And Falls 19 Floors

Dallas, TX – Interior designer Christine Frenzel lost her balance while sitting on the ledge of a 19th floor apartment and plunged to her death. The accident happened at about 2 am on Sunday, while the 25-year-old woman was visiting friends. The victim’s loved ones firmly believe that she accidentally fell from the building, and was not committing suicide. Frenzel was found dead on the sidewalk below the Davis Building.

Local law enforcement officers are still investigating the incident. The interior designer’s brother, Michael, told the Dallas News that his sister and a few other people were visiting a friend in the building.

Michael Frenzel had this to say about the loss of his sister:

“She’d had some trouble in the past and was really starting to get her life together. It’s really sad she won’t get the chance. She was a wonderful person, full of life, very outgoing, very bubbly.”

The young woman attended the University of Denver, later graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas, and had once worked at Hooters. A witness told police investigators that the victim was switching her legs, lost her balance, and fell 19 floors to her death. It is not yet known if alcohol may have been a factor in the incident.

According to the building manager, there was no facility problem such as a broken patio or window which contributed to the tragic incident. Davis Building manager Elizabeth Tooke stated publicly that the death of the young woman was a really sad accident, but refused to comment further, according to the Daily Mail.