‘Baby Daddy’ Season 6 Spoilers: Danny And Riley Prepares For Parenthood, Ben Looks For ‘Mystery Girl’

Baby Daddy has already been renewed for Season 6. While Freeform has yet to confirm its release date, several outlets predicted that the show will return in early 2017.

In an interview with TV Line, Baby Daddy showrunner Dan Berendsen revealed that the Season 6 premiere may not exactly pick up where they left off. He, however, added the time jump is not going to be that far off.

“We normally come back on a big cliffhanger, but I think there will be a little bit of a time jump here. We’ve been off longer than we normally are, too, so people have gotten a little bit older. I don’t think it’ll be massive, but it won’t be the next day,” he said.

In the Baby Daddy Season 5 finale, Riley (Chelsea Kane) told Danny (Derek Theler) that she’s pregnant with his child. In the episode before the finale, titled “Condom Conundrum,” Danny freaked out when he thought that he is going to be a father. He was clearly relieved when the pregnancy test came out negative. Berendsen explained that the pregnancy scare was a crucial part of the story, adding that they did not want to spring Riley’s pregnancy on the audience out of nowhere.

“What we really wanted to do was somehow connect Emma to it; as you know, the only reason Riley is pregnant is because Emma poked all those holes in the condoms. You can basically say this baby was Emma’s fault,” he added.

Berendsen also pointed out that in the “Condom Conundrum” episode, Danny was the first to man up and tell Riley that he will stay with her no matter what happens. The Baby Daddy showrunner added that while Danny is not ready to be a father just yet, he will not let Riley raise the child on her own.

“You can tell what kind of a father he’s going to be. Danny lives up to this responsibilities,” Berendsen said.

Derek Theler, who plays Danny on the show, also echoed Berendsen’s statement. He pointed out that his character’s younger brother Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) was not exactly the ideal father figure in Season 1, yet he was able to provide for Emma (Sura/Kayleigh Harris). The 29-year-old actor added that Danny would have to “step up his game” in the next season.

Meanwhile, fans of Baby Daddy cannot help but point out that the show is “turning into How I Met Your Mother.” In the Season 5 finale, Ben kept running into this mystery girl named Elle. The showrunner shared that since they shot the finale before the renewal for Season 6 was confirmed they filmed an alternative ending that showed the mystery girl getting into the same cab as Ben and Emma, then the three driving off together.

“You saw them drive off together, which was a way to end the show with the audience knowing that Emma and Ben would both be OK,” Berendsen said.

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The Baby Daddy showrunner, however, said that we may have not seen the last of Sam (Daniella Monet) just yet. Berendsen hinted that there is a possibility that she will be back this season. As for Ben’s mystery girl, he said that Elle is going to play a big part in Season 6.

“You will see her again next season, but I won’t tell you when. She’ll definitely show up. It sort of gives Ben a little quest.”

Baby Daddy Season 6 is set to premiere early 2017. Tune in for more spoilers and cast updates.

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