‘Criminal Minds’: Shemar Moore Seemingly Reacts To Thomas Gibson’s Firing — Says ‘Karma Is Real’

Shemar Moore has seemingly addressed the controversial firing of his former Criminal Minds co-star, Thomas Gibson. As Us Weekly reports, Moore seems to have alluded to Gibson getting the ax in a now-deleted Instagram post that was captioned, “Karma is real.” A fan captured the video and posted it on Twitter.

“Lot of birdies chirping out there. The gossip is real,” he says in the Instagram video. “I hear it. I see it. I’m sure a lot of you do too. So I’ll just say this. I believe that good things happen to good people. Honest people. Hardworking people. Humble people. People who believe in basic goodness. Treat people how you expect them to treat you.”

Shemar did not name anyone in the video, but there’s lots of speculation that he may have been talking about Gibson. According to Deadline, the two former Criminal Minds actors have gotten into some heated disputes in the past.

Two years ago, Gibson’s ex-manager filed a breach of contract complaint for unpaid commissions. In the filing, the ex-manager, Craig Dorfman, claimed that he had to talk Gibson down from physically confronting Shemar Moore on one occasion. He also mentioned that there had been verbal spats between Moore and Gibson.

Thomas Gibson was fired from Criminal Minds after a physical dispute with a writer on the show, Us Weekly reports. The actor’s dismissal was confirmed in a joint statement from ABC Studios and CBS Studios.

“Thomas Gibson has been dismissed from Criminal Minds,” the statement read. “Creative details for how the character’s exit will be addressed in the show will be announced at a later date.”

Gibson has since put out a statement of his own where he thanked the cast, crew, and fans for the show that he put his “heart and soul” into.

“I love Criminal Minds and have put my heart and soul into it for the last twelve years,” the statement said. “I had hoped to see it through to the end, but that won’t be possible now. I would just like to say thank you to the writers, producers, actors, our amazing crew, and most importantly, the best fans that a show could ever hope to have.”

As Us Weekly notes, the 54-year-old actor has been on Criminal Minds since the first season premiered over 10 years ago. But he got suspended for two episodes when it became clear that he kicked a writer in the leg a couple of weeks ago. According to Us Weekly, the actor and the show writer had a disagreement about an episode that Gibson was directing.

“There were creative differences on the set and a disagreement,” Gibson added in his statement. “I regret that it occurred. We all want to work together as a team to make the best show possible. We always have and always will.”

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Shemar Moore left Criminal Minds in March and by all appearances, the departure was voluntary. In an interview with E! Online at the time, he explained that he was leaving the show to focus on other aspects of his life.

“I say this a lot: I treat my acting career like school,” the former soap opera star said. ” The Young and the Restless was high school. I knew I needed to evolve and graduate. And then Criminal Minds has been college. And I just feel that I needed to evolve and graduate. So now I’m going to go to grad school or whatever you want to call it.”

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