Jinger Duggar Pregnant? Rumors, Blind Items, And Other Hints

Speculation is running wild about Jinger Duggar as her courtship turns to engagement before the new season of Counting On even hits the airwaves. Could she really be pregnant? At this point, there’s only rumor and speculation, but here’s what has Duggar watchers suspecting that there’s a secret reason for rushing the engagement.

First, there’s this blind item from Crazy Days and Nights.

This one of a million kids is apparently pregnant. That will definitely not make into the program. Better have them elope quickly.

Of course, the primary point of a blind item is to get out shocking celebrity news without naming names — so Jinger Duggar (or whoever else this could be about — a Bates child, for instance) isn’t mentioned. However, it’s definitely provoking speculation. ‘One of a million kids’ sounds like a veiled reference to “19 kids” in the Duggar family’s old reality show name, and Jinger is definitely one of — well, less than a million, but one in quite a few, who is openly courting.

Is the item about Jinger, then? That’s the guess the Alt Gossip Celebrity page, which dissects blind items, made, and readers are running with it.

Hot Moms Club speculated last week that the couple are in a hurry to start a family, noting Jeremy Vuolo’s ease with his nephew-to-be.

Love hanging out with the Seewald's especially this little one!????

A photo posted by Jeremy Vuolo (@thejeremyvuolo) on

Then there are the photos of Jeremy and Jinger.

#tbt to the best day of my life!❤️ #love #throwback

A photo posted by Jeremy Vuolo (@thejeremyvuolo) on

Any observer can see that these embraces are a bit more intimate than the usual Duggar “side-hug” designed to prevent contact that might set hormones in motion and get the huggers excited.

The Hollywood Gossip chronicled just how shocked Duggar fans were, and suggested this might hit at further deviations from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s strict courtship rules.

No word yet on when they’ll be getting married, but the way things are going, it’s sure to be an unconventional event.

For comparison, here’s Jessa and Ben’s first side-hug. Note that her body faces forward, and you can see light between the two.

Jinger Duggar pregnant? More intimate than sisters
[Image via TLC/YouTube]

Watch the scene below to hear Jim Bob Duggar impose a time limit on side hugging!

Of course, watching Duggar ladies’ bodies for any hint of a pregnancy is a fan hobby. There has been plenty of speculation about Jinger’s sisters lately, with viewers wondering if a double pregnancy might be timed for the show. Still, any time a Duggar woman is seen in a high-waisted dress, people start asking. See the photo below that Duggar son-in-law Derick Dillard posted, that has viewers making guesses about Jill!

In fact, as far back as May, the Parent Herald reported that there were rumors about not only Jill, but Anna Duggar being pregnant.

It’s no surprise viewers wouldn’t exempt Jinger Duggar from the speculation, even though she’s not yet married and holds conservative beliefs.

There has also been speculation about Jeremy Vuolo’s virginity or lack thereof, and how that might affect the courting process for Jinger.

Of course, none of this has any definite meaning. Jinger appears to share her family’s conservative beliefs, and so does Jeremy. She’s hugging a bit more intimately in photos than some of the courting siblings have done, but that doesn’t say much about Jinger and Jeremy’s life outside of photos, and we know the Duggar family is big on chaperones.

Goodbyes are hard...I will miss you so much Jinger????❤️

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Jill even seems to have gone along to supervise Jinger and Jeremy parting ways at the airport!

In some families, the apparent suddenness of Jinger’s engagement announcement might have meaning — but the fact is, a brief courtship and a brief engagement is well within the norm for a Duggar, and Jinger’s actually hasn’t been as short as it may seem in the public eye. Jeremy says he started courting Jinger in December, and became engaged in July, but had been developing a friendship well before the courtship began.

Seven months might not be long enough for everyone, but it’s not out of the way for Jim Bob Duggar’s offspring. Jill, for instance, courted Derick for about the same length of time, according to US Weekly. They had known each other seven months before courting.

What about the blind item? Again, it doesn’t specifically mention Jinger Duggar (being a blind item) and the site carries a disclaimer noting that items may be true, rumors, or purely for entertainment purposes.

Then, are the rumors true? Is Jinger Duggar pregnant? The public won’t know until she tells us.

[Image via TLC/YouTube]