'Days Of Our Lives': Did Deimos Set Up Victor Kiriakis To Get Arrested For Tate's Kidnapping? [Spoilers]

Days Of Our Lives won't be airing new episodes for another week. However, there are still DOOL spoilers that have been released. What happens next is leading fans to speculate on the current storylines. One of those has to do with Tate's kidnapping. Is Victor Kiriakis really guilty or did his brother, Deimos, set him up as payback?

Days Of Our Lives spoilers are ahead. If you do not want to know what could happen when the soap opera returns to NBC, then stop reading.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) and Theresa Donovan's (Jen Lilley) baby will be found. The child is with a woman in Chicago. When asked who was responsible for kidnapping Tate, she blames Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston).

During the past few weeks, there were clues that Victor may have arranged Tate's kidnapping on Days Of Our Lives. However, it seems too obvious, especially for a man like Victor, who is usually careful about leaving no loose ends. Even though John Aniston's character is arrested, he claims someone else is setting him up. He promptly points the finger at his brother, Deimos Kiriakis (Vincent Irizarry). He isn't the only one who thinks Deimos is behind Tate's kidnapping. Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) also thinks the soap opera villain is responsible.

However, did Deimos really set up Victor on Days Of Our Lives? Like Aniston's character, Deimos is a smart man. It is true that the ultimate payback would be for Victor to go to prison for a crime he didn't commit. After all, that is what Deimos had to do. As fans recall, Vincent Irizarry's character spent 30 years behind bars for a murder he was not responsible for.

Even though it seems that Deimos is the most likely person to set up Victor, it also seems too obvious. Even though he is pretending to be a changed man, viewers are not convinced. However, it is likely that someone else is behind Tate's kidnapping. One clue is how distraught Deimos was when finding out about Brady and Theresa's missing child. He seems to have a love for children. Even though he hates Victor and wants revenge, it seems unlikely that he would endanger a child's life.

If Victor Kiriakis is innocent and Deimos did not set him up, then who is responsible? It has to be someone that has issues with both Victor and either Brady or Theresa. With a lot of old villains coming back to Salem, as seen in NBC's preview clip, is there someone else returning? Honestly, this has all the signs of a DiMera, but which one? If it isn't a DiMera and isn't a Kiriakis either, then who would do such a thing?

Other Days Of Our Lives spoilers in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest include Deimos asking Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) to move in. However, Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) is pregnant with his child. So far, it doesn't appear that Deimos knows this. Philip did offer Chloe the opportunity to pretend the baby was his, but will she take him up on it? In the preview clip, Nicole grills Chloe about the paternity of the baby, so she might suspect something.

Also, expect to see the return of three former Salem villains. Clyde Weston (James Read), Xander Cook (Paul Tefler), and Orpheus (George DelHoyo) break out of prison. Each want revenge and it looks like many Salem residents are in danger. One character fans are particularly concerned with is Theresa Donovan. In the preview clip, Xander tries to strangle Theresa on her wedding day

Do you think Victor Kiriakis is guilty of arranging Tate's kidnapping? Did Deimos set him up or is someone else responsible?

Days Of Our Lives returns on August 22.

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