‘New Girl’ Season 6 Spoilers: Zooey Deschanel Directs Premiere, Megan Fox Returns As Reagan

New Girl Season 6, set to premiere on September 20, will be directed by its lead star, Zooey Deschanel. The 36-year-old actress will be making her directorial debut in the new episode, titled “House Hunt.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Zooey Deschanel, who plays Jess Day in the sitcom, will be directing New Girl‘s Season 6 premiere. The new episode will reportedly pick up three months after the Season 5 finale, which saw Cece (Hannah Simone) and Schmidt’s (Max Greenfield) highly anticipated wedding and Jess and Nick (Jake Johnson) parting ways when the latter decided to follow Reagan (Megan Fox) in New Orleans.


Back in July, EW confirmed that that Megan Fox will be returning in Season 6 for a “major arc spanning up to eight episodes.” The Jennifer’s Body star, however, will not be appearing in the premiere episode. The outlet reported that she will be back around midseason to accommodate her real life pregnancy. Fox recently gave birth to his third child, named Journey River, with Brian Austin Green

Fans who are eagerly waiting for Nick and Jess to get back together may have to wait a little longer. Although Jess realized in the Season 5 finale that she still has feelings for Nick, she would try her best to ignore it and throw herself into “new hobbies.” The latest spoilers also revealed that the Season 6 premiere would most likely focus on newlyweds Cece and Schmidt as they attempt to go house hunting. Winston (Lamorne Morris), on the other hand, would attempt to make his long distance relationship with Aly (Nasim Pedrad) work.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, New Girl creator Liz Meriwether had nothing but praises for Lamorne Morris. She said that the actor did a wonderful job showing how much he loved Aly, without breaking character. Meriwether shared that they waited a long time before they decided to pair him with someone, as they were afraid that Winston’s storyline may not be as funny as it used to be.

“The challenge of getting two characters together on a show, which I’ve definitely experienced, is ‘How do you keep it funny if they’re in a relationship or they’re in love?’ From the episode that aired after they got together, you can still see that they’re really funny together, really great,” she said.

The New Girl creator also pointed out that Winston’s character has definitely grown through the years. After several failed relationships, he finally found what he is looking for all along.

“Winston was so unlucky in love for so long, there’s something about that scene where she tells him that she loves him. It’s such a huge moment for his character, a victory for him because it’s really been a long time since he’s been in a good relationship,” she explained.

Meanwhile, another exciting news that fans of New Girl can look forward to is the series’ crossover with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Unfortunately, not much about its plot has been revealed, except that the crossover episode will air on October 11.


“The crossover episode has historically been the artistic high point of any show that has dared to attempt. Maybe you remember Blackout Thursday on NBC, or even further back the infamous Alf/ Gilligan’s Island crossover of the late 1980s. New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine will proudly and humbly go where few shows have gone since the 1990s. We know we have big shoes to fill, and we look forward to disappointing everyone. There’s a 50 percent chance Alf will also be in both episodes. But there’s also a 50 percent chance that is a lie,” Meriwether teased.

New Girl Season 6 premieres September 20 on FOX.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]