‘American Horror Story’ Season 6: The Newest Teasers Are Here, Can You Guess The Mystery Theme? [Video]

American Horror Story Season 6 is coming FX network in September, and so far the show’s creators are refusing to spill the beans about what the much-anticipated theme is going to be. For weeks now, the network has released teaser trailers and mysteriously cryptic posters for American Horror Story Season 6, but so far none of them have given fans much of a clue about what’s in store this time around.

As Screen Rant reports, American Horror StorySeason 6 has become known as ?6, and the show’s producers and creators have admitted publicly that most of the images and seconds-long teaser trailers have absolutely nothing to do with the anything at all. In fact, most of the imagery and high-production value video teasing American Horror Story Season 6 was apparently produced to keep fans hooked and guessing.

FX’s John Landgraf recently told the public that only one of the slew of recently released American Horror Story season six promo teasers is really related to the upcoming sixth season of the wildly popular series.

It’s up to fans to try to figure out which teaser is really related to Season 6. Of course, even if you figure it out, the American Horror Story trailers are so cryptic and enigmatic, it’s hard telling the precise theme each trailer could be depicting.

Of the American Horror Story Season 6 trailers released over the last few days, the wind chime clip might be the most popular. The 15-second teaser features creepy wind chimes and a psychotic, hedge-clipper wielding nurse cutting them down.

Could the clip be referring to a Children of the Corn Season 6 theme? Or could the disturbing teaser be nothing more than a distraction from the true upcoming American Horror Story story line?

As Entertainment Weekly reports, another recently released American Horror Story Season 6 clip hearkens back to AHS days of old. In perhaps a bit of an homage to American Horror Story: Asylum, the clip depicts an unfortunate camper falling victim to an alien abduction.

Or at least an attempted alien abduction, because as you can see below, the beaming up goes terribly wrong, like so many things throughout the history of AHS’s five awesome seasons.

Is it possible that the show will be revisiting the extraterrestrial story line? Or is it more likely that the campfire alien abduction teaser is one of the season six red herrings?

A third teaser for American Horror Story Season 6 seems to be a throwback to vintage horror. It features a candle-carrying, robe-wearing, long-haired woman walking up some horrific-looking, banister-less bare stairs. She is being stalked by a nefarious shadow. And then the unthinkable happens; check it out.

In addition to releasing a bunch of teasers designed to freak people out while confusing them, American Horror Story recently shared a poster for its upcoming season. The imagery follows the AHS trend of being incredibly creepy; if you have a spider fear it might even be a trigger object.

The little spider eyes peeking out from under the lashes are a particularly cringe-inducing detail. One that may cause fans to have nightmares. Or claw their eyes out.

So far, leading up to Season 6, American Horror Story fans have had a ton of theories regarding the direction the show is going to be taking. Everything from the lost Roanoke colony to the Manson Family ranch to Slender Man and urban legends have been tossed around on social media for months now. So far, though, nobody in the know is confirming any guesses.

In fact, given the amount of speculation and the overwhelming popularity of the show, it’s amazing that the creators have been able to keep the lid on their super-secret Season 6 theme. Check out the ten teaser trailers that have been released so far and see if you can figure out the hidden theme.

What do you think? Is the secret theme a good promotional tool and marketing ploy for the upcoming season of American Horror Story? Are you excited for the big reveal? Do you think you’ve figured out the mystery? One way or the other, fans will get their answer very soon; American Horror Story Season 6 premieres September 14 on FX.

[Image via @_Rere_Iam/Twitter]