Back To School: American College Campus Corruption

Back to school season is upon us once again, and this means young adults around the country will be out on their own for the first time, as they leave home in search of a future by way of college education.

College is a land of discovery and opportunity, but just what exactly are students learning at their new home away from home?

The answers may surprise you.

The liberal agenda has hijacked, and thus tainted, college campuses not just here in America, but across Western society. “Safe spaces,” “micro aggressions,” and radical social justice-inspired agendas are clogging up the curriculums of prestigious universities. What was once a place to exchange ideas and explore different points-of-view has now become a cesspool of politically correct rhetoric, as students and teachers alike attack free speech and advocate for the right to not be offended.

In short, college campuses across the West are steadily becoming corrupt by the radical left. There is no shortage of examples with which to present to you in support of this fact.

Back to school means hiding portrayals of events in history that may be offensive, even though no sane person has been or will ever be offended by said events.

On August 8, Campus Reform reported that the University of Wisconsin Stout (UW-Stout) plans to get rid of two historically prominent paintings which portray the trading relations between European settlers and Native Americans.

The reason for this?

UW-Stout Chancellor Bob Meyer says that the UW-Stout Diversity Leadership Team believes the paintings “reinforce racial stereotypes” and have the potential to incite “harmful effects.”

Back to school means policing the words that students use to express their view of the world.

A University of Florida art teacher dislikes the phrase “melting pot” so much, she takes away points if students use it in their work.

Campus Reform spoke to the teacher, Professor Pamela Brekka, about her issue with the phrase.

“Brekka told Campus Reform that she doesn’t want students to use the phrase ‘melting pot’ because it is not an accurate description of diversity in the United States, asserting that ‘the reason we put less emphasis on the way cultural groups are alike is because of the historical disadvantages minorities have had compared to the white majority.'”

In addition to this, Brekka also said that the phrase “melting pot” “signals a Euro-White Colonial standard, point blank, period.”

Campus Reform obtained a syllabus for the class Brekka teaches, and it states in all capital letters, “do not ever use the phrase ‘melting pot’ in this class. In this class we celebrate diversity, not sameness.”

I thought the term “melting pot” was a classic representation of American diversity. At least that is what I was taught.

Back to school means teaching young adults that being white is something to be ashamed of.

If you’re a new student to Amherst College, you will be required to attend a film entitled I’m Not Racist, Am I? as part of your introductory orientation to the school, Campus Reform reported on July 25.

The film recounts a group of teens who attended five educational sessions about racism throughout the course of a year.

“While the film website says the teens were aware that racism existed before the start of the project, they had to ‘push through naiveté, guilt and some tears’ in order to reach a more ‘significant definition of racism.'”

In case you haven’t already figured it out, this film completely demonizes white people, thus promoting the very thing it claims to be against.

“Emma Vallo, one of the teens featured in the film, talked to the Wall Street Journal about her experiences attending the workshops. At first, she said, she was put-off by an assertion by a workshop facilitator that all whites are racist because they benefit from an ‘institutionalized racist system.’

“However, Vallo ‘ultimately came to agree with that position, prompting difficult conversations with her two adoptive dads.'”

How much do you want to bet that Emma, as a direct result of the documentary, has been brainwashed to feel guilt for her white skin?

A different kid who went through the same sessions as Emma is quoted as saying, “you learn not to mess with white people.”

I’d love to know just exactly what this person means by this statement.

Professor Gregory Jay teaches at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM) and, according to Campus Reform, believes white genocide is the solution to America’s racism.

Jay uses the white whale from Moby Dick to illustrate his view of white racism.

“‘The great white whale of racism is a white invention,’ he suggests. ‘It was white people who invented the idea of race in the first place, and it is white people who have become obsessed and consumed by it until, like Captain Ahab, they have become entangled so deeply in pursuing its nature that they self-destruct in the process.'”

Jay has a personal blog where he publishes essays devoted to whiteness, privilege, and racism. He is white himself, so could it be possible that the content he writes stems from personal experience? One can only imagine where his level of self-esteem lies.

It is this kind of nonsense that is responsible for some college students throwing temper tantrums in public, whilst acting extremely disrespectful, like this young lady.

Back to school means more liberal professors pushing their beliefs on young adults who should be free to make their own observations and conclusions about the world.

Don’t allow anyone else to shape your beliefs based on their personal bias. People who do so are socially and morally irresponsible, and professors who do it are actively changing America for the worse.

There are no safe spaces in the real world, and you certainly can’t go through life without ever feeling offended by someone or something.

It’s back to school season, and I say let’s teach our college students about the things that are in store for them after graduation instead of coddling them and feeding their ignorance.

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