New ‘Paranormal Activity 4’ Teaser Clip Piles On The Supernatural Shenanigans

Paranormal Activity 4, the latest installment in the “found footage” horror franchise, is slated for release in the United States on October 19. In an effort to make sure everyone with an internet connection is well aware of the forthcoming genre flick, the promotional masterminds working diligently at Paramount have unleashed another new teaser clip upon the masses.

According to Coming Soon, Paranormal Activity 4 will be helmed by the previous installment’s directors, namely Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. The filmmakers were also responsible for crafting the unnerving documentary Catfish, which explores the reality of who you’re chatting with online. An unnerving experience, to say the least.

Trying to wrangle a proper spoiler-free synopsis for Paranormal Activity 4 has proven a little difficult. As such, you might want to skip the following description if you haven’t seen the previous installments in the franchise:

“The story takes place in 2011, five years after Katie killed her boyfriend Micah, sister Kristi, her husband Daniel and took their baby, Hunter (now named Robbie). Story focuses on Alice and her mom, experiencing weird stuff since the new neighbors (Katie and Robbie) moved in the town.”

If you weren’t a fan of the other films, chances are Paranormal Activity 4 isn’t going to change your mind about the series. Sporting the tagline “All of the activity has led to this,” you’re almost guaranteed the same experience from the previous entries. However, the films have made a killing at the box office — Paranormal Activity 3 made $104 million domestically on a $5 million budget — so expect more of these things to arrive every October into the bankable future.

Paranormal Activity 4, which stars Katie Featherston, Kathryn Newton and Matt Shively, is currently scheduled to arrive just in time for Halloween; Internet Movie Database lists the film’s release date as October 19. The latest teaser clip for the horror film has been embedded below. Are you excited about the newest sequel to director Oren Peli’s Paranormal Activity?