Police: Infant Dead After Beaten With Belt By Couple

An eight-month-old infant is dead after what authorities are calling a brutal case of child abuse. WSB News Radio reports that little Kamonie Love succumbed to her injuries while on life support in association with the recent incident. The details surrounding this case are absolutely shocking, and they indicate that Kamonie Love’s short time on this earth was filled with suffering.

Police say Georgia couple Shavonne Whitehead and Edward Wilson violently abused the eight-month-old baby girl. While the mother of the now-deceased infant initially denied abusing the baby, police have confirmed that she has admitted to beating on Kamonie with a belt in order to “discipline” her.

The alleged abuse came to light after the Atlanta couple called 911 to report that the baby wasn’t breathing. Edward Wilson can be heard on the 911 call, claiming that the child had made a “gurgling noise,” before going unresponsive. Paramedics rushed the unresponsive baby to an Atlanta hospital, where she was placed on life support due to the extent of evident injuries she had suffered.

Eight-month-old Kamonie Love suffered numerous injuries, which authorities and medical examiners are blaming on apparent child abuse. Her body was reportedly covered with bruises and assorted other injuries to her face, arms and buttocks. The infant also suffered from fractured ribs and bleeding on the brain. Authorities in Georgia say that this case of apparent child abuse is among the worst that they’ve ever seen.

This isn’t the first time a couple has been accused of violently injuring a helpless child. Last year, another Georgia couple was arrested for killing their 10-week-old daughter through very unusual means. The couple is accused of diluting breast milk, which caused the child to develop water intoxication. This ultimately caused the child’s brain to swell, which killed her. This couple had a history of acting strangely, with their neighbors and loved ones telling media reporters that they rarely let anyone even see the baby. Detectives revealed that the child would have been born at home had the mother not needed an emergency C-section. On top of diluting the infant’s breast milk, authorities also found that the family had been living in squalor.

In March, 2014, a 2-year-old boy named Liam Fee was allegedly murdered by his own mother and her lesbian lover. The duo are accused of abusing the child, violently torturing him until he died. Liam ultimately died of a ruptured heart, which may have been caused by a severe blow to the chest — either by being punched or stomped by one of the two women. Two other children in the home were also allegedly abused by the couple, but were fortunate enough to survive.

In the case of eight-month-old Kamonie Love, it should be noted that Edward Wilson is not the infant’s father. The man accused of participating in the beating death of the baby is the mother’s boyfriend. Meanwhile, the biological father of the slain infant has expressed absolute heartache at the tragic news surrounding his daughter.

Before Kamonie Love passed away on Sunday morning, both her mother and her mother’s boyfriend had been charged with cruelty to children and aggravated battery. While it’s likely, it’s not known at this time if those charges will be upgraded to reflect the horrifying death of the eight-month-old infant.

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