WWE News: WWE Superstar Cesaro To Move To ‘WWE SmackDown Live’ In Trade Soon?

WWE Superstar Cesaro has been one of the bright spots in WWE for years now. He upped his game even more after his tag partner Tyson Kidd went down to a career threatening injury after a scary landing in a match with Samoa Joe. While it is unknown if Kidd will ever return to the ring, Cesaro is almost fighting for his friend and 2015 was the year of Cesaro’s best work, possibly. Sadly, he had to leave due to a shoulder injury, but he did come back as good as ever.

Most fans assumed that when the WWE Draft and brand split came, Cesaro would easily be one of the top stars on one of the rosters. However, he ended up going to a very stacked WWE RAW brand that had Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Chris Jericho, Sheamus, Finn Balor, and many many more. This doesn’t even include the tag teams or female Superstars that also would need time on RAW.

Cesaro even mentioned he may belong more on WWE SmackDown Live, and this could not be any more true. This may even happen. According to Daily Wrestling News, it is being said that Cesaro’s current storyline on RAW will eventually lead to his move to the blue brand. This comes right after the news of Randy Orton and Kevin Owens possibly switching brands. This could mean that a possible trade may occur.

Cesaro crossface
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As of now, the only way for someone like Cesaro would move from the red brand is in a trade — unless they had a loser leaves RAW match with him and another Superstar. It is unlikely that Stephanie McMahon or Mick Foley would allow for such a match to happen, especially so soon. However, a trade would make a lot of sense if both brands knew they were getting something big out of the trade.

Getting Randy Orton for RAW in a trade that would send Owens and Cesaro to SmackDown Live could be a smart trade for both brands. Basically, RAW gets a top veteran that has been in the main event scene for more than a couple years. Meanwhile, SmackDown gets two big up and coming stars that could help the blue brand a lot. Plus there is a big chance that both men get more of an opportunity to be used on SmackDown.

Right now, RAW has to get a lot of people on television. Sami Zayn, in fact, isn’t even being used right now and may miss WWE SummerSlam despite winning his match against Kevin Owens at WWE Battleground last month. Zayn could be big for RAW, but he’s being overshadowed by other stars on the show that need time. We also have not even added in what WWE will do with the NXT stars that will get called up.

Cesaro returns
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The likes of Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa Joe, and Bayley are all rumored for a call up this year. With that being known, the company has to figure out how to use everyone in a good way or things won’t go well for WWE in this new brand split.

For the most part, SmackDown Live has been using talent quite well. The show also seems to be better organized and overall, fans have enjoyed SmackDown more than RAW the last few weeks due to this. RAW has so much talent with no way to use them right, so sparring two to get one big name back could be good for the brands. Cesaro would obviously be a favorite for the fans on SmackDown, and it is likely that a World Title match would come at some point.

You could say the same for Owens if he moves there. With Cena being part time and Bray Wyatt seemingly fighting injuries and the fact that the show is very top heavy with little known talent mid-card, Cesaro alone would be a huge help in various places for SmackDown, and it would be smart to come up with a good storyline that would send him there. Fans would most likely be all for it, as it would be “best for business.”

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