The Identity Of ‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoiled On Twitter – Is It Really Luke Pell?

As the current season of Bachelor In Paradise continues on, many fans are already looking ahead to 2017, and to who will end up as the next lead on The Bachelor. Some think it will be Chase McNary. Others believe it could be the fan-favorite James Taylor, but are they right? Well, some information is being given online little by little and a little too much may have been given away as the reveal of Luke Pell may have actually been spoiled for the world.

Spoiler alert: Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new and upcoming season of The Bachelor. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Everyone has their own assumptions as to who will take over as the next Bachelor, but show creator Mike Fleiss is really having some over-the-top fun with the fans lately. Earlier this week, he hopped on Twitter and decided to start teasing everyone with who could be the next big guy.

ET Online pointed out that he has a plan in place for when he will make the next official announcement, but he’s up in the air about it.

Since posting that on Twitter, Fleiss has actually gone up about 3,000 followers and the number just keeps on growing. He may wait until the season finale of Bachelor In Paradise in early September to make the reveal, but he’s certainly dropping as many hints as possible to spoil it before then.

There have been some that say he makes “a mean tuna casserole” or that he can “run a mile in less than 6 minutes” and random things like that. He plans on revealing a new clue each day until the announcement is made, but this one tweet may have truly given it away.

This is the main tweet that fans have been focusing on and it could be nothing or it very well could be everything. On Luke Pell’s Instagram account, he posted a picture of a sunrise, but it was from almost seven months ago.

#mondaymorning #nofilter DAL↗️BNA ???? #sunrise

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That may be reaching a bit, but the clues are kind of silly and random and do seem to point at Luke Pell. Cosmopolitan pointed out that just about everyone has believed it would be Luke for months now, but there was never any kind of official confirmation.

There isn’t going to be an official confirmation either. Well, at least not until Mike Fleiss and ABC are ready to provide that information to the world.

Back at the “Men Tell All” taping a couple of months ago, there was talk that it could be Chase McNary as the next lead on The Bachelor. Others thought runner-up Robby Hayes would get the gig or maybe even the villainous Chad Johnson.

Chase had been kind of iffy when asked whether he would want the spot or not while Luke said he “definitely wouldn’t pass on it” when asked about being the next Bachelor. Everything seems to fit in place for the announcement to be made, but it may be up to the fans as to when that will finally come.

I can boil a mean pot of water #thanksgramps @texashumor ???? @admyerstudios

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Luke Pell as the next leading star on The Bachelor? It seems very feasible and Mike Fleiss doesn’t like to give away much before they actually happen, but he’s being rather obvious on Twitter. Sure, it could be a clever ruse to fool the fans, but it almost seems like it would be a disappointment now if it isn’t Pell. All the signs point to the young man from Texas as the one who will search for love on ABC’s hit show in 2017.

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