Yes, John Mayer Has A Beauty Routine And No, It’s Not Cheap

It’s not every day that you hear about celebrity men sharing their beauty routine. Hopefully it will become the norm thanks to John Mayer, who is sharing some of his skincare secrets on social media.

John Mayer took to his Snapchat account to share his amazing skincare regimen, which costs a pretty penny. Mayer is usually known for his good looks. He’s been with some of Hollywood’s most gorgeous women such as Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Aniston. So whatever he’s using must be working. The musician revealed the secret to how he looks young and acne-free in his Snapchat story titled “Skincare Secrets with John,” according to a report via the Huffington Post.

“People ask me, ‘John, what are some of your skincare secrets?” he said in the video. And I always say, ‘That’s an odd question to ask me.’ And they always say, ‘You literally just asked me to ask you that,'” he then joked.

John Mayer
[Photo Courtesy of John Mayer/Snapchat]

Finally, Mayer shares the details of his skincare regimen. He says that he first ties back his hair with a bandana and then washes his face with Proactiv cleanser. But, not everything in Mayer’s routine is this affordable. After washing his face, Mayer will apply Natura Bissé Diamond Life Infusion using the Direct Application Technique. This product costs a whopping $590.

Then, Mayer will apply the Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme Eye all over his face, not just his eyes. Mayer says that this $205 eye concentrate “is really just better facial moisturizer but more expensive in smaller bottles.” Then, he dabs some Natura Bissé Vitamin C complex ($190) around his mouth to prevent laugh lines from forming.

He’s not done yet. Mayer’s extensive skincare regimen includes a dab of Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme cream ($345) on the “Crucial Necessity Zones” of his face, which he will then dab in with a cotton ball. Mayer tops it off with a mist of Natura Bissé Diamond Mist Spray ($92) in the air – not directly onto his face. He says that he sprays in front of his face and then “head butts” the air a few times.

For just $1,457, you too can look like John Mayer. Check out Mayer’s hilarious video below.

It’s not clear whether Mayer received a gift basket from Natura Bissé or if he really uses the brand’s skincare products every night. Keep in mind, a lot of celebrities receive free gifts from beauty brands in exchange for promoting them on their social media accounts. Kim Kardashian shared her nearly $2,000 morning skincare regimen from La Mer on Snapchat, as reported by Us Weekly. Then, a month later, Kardashian shared a completely different morning skincare regimen, which was much more affordable, according to another Us Weekly report.


It’s funny that the new member of the Grateful Dead would use such a costly and time-consuming regimen. But, maybe Mayer doesn’t know everything when it comes to looking good. He was recently good by his new band, Dead & Company, to grow a beard, according to a Billboard report. That’s because Mayer doesn’t suit the part when it comes to performing to the remaining members of the Grateful Dead.

This @deadandcompany tour was magical. This band flourished in so many ways. To learn each others' moves as people and musicians, so as to support each other on stage and off made every night a beautiful adventure. I grew up a lone wolf in a bedroom practicing my guitar, and all I ever really craved was community. The community I feel now between my brothers and sisters in this band and crew, and the connection between everyone in the audience from the front row to the back, to those who listened from couches and cars, to those who come up to me and say more with their eyes than their words in their attempt to tell me what this means to them - I will never forget it, because I will never stop feeling it. We're together now. I'm honored to be one of many musicians in the larger community of the GDEU (Grateful Dead Extended Universe.) And it must be said - to Jerry: what a light you are that I could bask in your shadow. ❤️⚡️???????? love you all.

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Not everyone was happy when Mayer was announced as the lead singer of the band. He does not exactly channel Jerry Garcia since he’s more clean-cut and smooth-skinned Also, Garcia wore his signature black T-shirts and gray beard, while Mayer is often seen wearing slightly preppy, casual clothing.

This prompts the question, should Mayer grow a beard or at least a goatee? What are your thoughts on his skincare regimen? Do you think he really uses it? Sound off below in the comments section.

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