Ronda Rousey Called Out By Rival Julianna Pena — Wants To ‘Hurt’ Ronda In Next Fight

Julianna Pena wants to settle a score with Ronda Rousey, but caught some controversy for her choice of words.

In an interview with TMZ, Pena blasted Ronda Rousey and was consequently accused of fat shaming.

“She’s broken a little bit. I just think no one really cares about Ronda Rousey and her fat arms anymore. But I guess some people do.”

Ronda Rousey spoke last year about her struggle with bulimia and many fans thought it was a low blow.

Talking to MMAjunkie, Pena stated that she has also struggled with weight issues and it was not her intention to fat shame her. She also vents about constantly being asked about the former Bantamweight champion.

“I’m not trying to body shame her — I’m just sick of them asking me whether she’s in training or not training, or if she’s on a movie set, or if she’s having babies,” Pena told the publication. “At this point, my Ronda meter is set. I’m done. I’m over it.

Pena goes on to talk about MMA being a tough sport and her plans to hurt Rousey in a fight.

“And for the record, we are in the fight business, OK? I need to pick up fights. I need to pick up the best possible fights for me, and Ronda’s been needing an ass-kicking from me for a while. We’re not talking about puppies here. I’m not in the puppies’ business. My job is to hurt people, and I want to hurt Ronda Rousey, and that’s all it comes down to.”

Juliana Pena is on a four-fight winning streak and defeated Cat Zingano at UFC 200 last month. Ronda Rousey took Zingano’s undefeated record when she submitted her by armbar in 14 seconds at UFC 184.

Dana White has stated in the past that Ronda is guaranteed an immediate title shot in her next fight. Therefore, Pena will have to get past Amanda Nunes, who beat Miesha Tate for the Bantamweight title.

To fight Nunes, Pena may have to get past Valentina Shevchenko, who defeated Holly Holm in her last fight in Chicago.

Juliana Pena talked about the origin on her feud with Ronda Rousey. Pena was on Miesha Tate’s team in The Ultimate Fighter. Ronda was also a coach on that season and Pena accuses Rowdy of being rude and a “b***h” to her on the show.

“I think a lot of people have forgotten how rude and how much of a b***h she was to me on the show and the way that she treated me personally,” Pena said.

Pena continued telling MMAJunkie how she felt about her previous interaction with Ronda.

“Those are things that I don’t forget. She’s disrespected me, and she’s disrespected my coach on the show. They ask about her all the time – ‘is she coming back, is she coming back’ – and I don’t know. But I would love to introduce her back into the division if she is, because that’s been a fight that I’ve been trying to get for many years now.”

Juliana Pena also questioned whether Ronda should get a title shot when she comes back. The 26-year old wants either Ronda or a title shot.

Nunes recommended that Pena fights Shevchenko in a title eliminator; however, this fight has not been confirmed. Ronda Rousey may return at the end of this year or early next year but the former champion has not been scheduled for any fights.

With Holly Holm coming off a loss a rematch with the former boxer is unlikely to take place. No one has successfully defended the belt since Ronda lost it; therefore, there is no telling who may fight Ronda in her highly anticipated return.

[Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]