Shannen Doherty Cancer Battle: Doherty Thanks Mom For Support Amid Cancer Fight

Shannen Doherty had an incredibly difficult time during her last round of chemotherapy treatment. On Saturday, Doherty paid a heartfelt tribute to her mother, Rosa and thanked her for being at her side. Shannen shared a black and white photo of herself resting her shaved head on her mother’s lap. The breast cancer has spread to Shannen’s lymph nodes, according to the Daily Mail.

“Sometimes there’s nothing like a mothers love to help get you thru… Thank you mom for always being there and being so strong for me. I love you.”

The former Beverly Hills 90210 star has been battling breast cancer since 2015, but has recently gone public with the news these past several weeks.

Shannen has also filed a major lawsuit against her former business manager. According to ABC, Doherty claims her business manager allowed Shannen’s health insurance to lapse. This prevented the former Charmed star from getting a routine mammogram and catching the breast cancer in its’ beginning stages.

The 45-year-old actress’ dark locks have been falling out due to chemotherapy treatments. Shannen shared photos of herself on Instagram cutting, then shaving her hair. In preparation for the big chop, Channon uploaded a photo of comfort foods of chocolate candy, cupcakes, and a Remington razor.

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After undergoing a mastectomy in May, sadly, the cancer has still spread to Doherty’s lymph nodes.

This past Wednesday, Doherty shared a photo to her Instagram followers as she prepared for “chemo day.” Shannen is seen hiding under bed covers dreading the moments leading up to therapy.

“A day many of us dread… Strength gets us thru but every once in a while, you just want to hide in bed and let chemo day pass you by.”

Shannen’s husband has been a major support as well. Kurt Iswarienko, a photographer, has been married to Doherty for five years.

“My marriage was always strong, but it’s made my marriage a thousand times stronger. He’s never missed a chemo. He’s never missed a sick day.”

Doherty told Entertainment Tonight, “I could not have gotten through this without my husband.”

The Buffy The Vampire Slayer actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is one of Shannen’s celebrity friends who posted words of encouragement to Shannen via her Instagram account.

“She is one of the most loyal friends I’ve ever known, and now while she is facing the toughest journey of her life, she is sharing it with friends she has never met in the hopes of helping other people who are going through the same struggle.”

Ashton Kutcher sent words of encouragement to Doherty, who is battling breast cancer, via Facebook.

It seems Shannen has a wonderful support system of family and friends that will help her endure chemotherapy treatments. Interestingly enough, Shannen’s dog has been a major support system for her as well.

Doherty’s german shepard, Bowie (who is named after the legendary icon, David Bowie) was the first to detect cancer in Shannen’s body.

“She would obsessively sniff right here on my right side for a long time before… So, it made sense when I got diagnosed.”

Shannen discusses the warning signs she received from her beloved dog, Bowie, before she was officially diagnosed with cancer. Doherty discusses the strange behavior of her dog with ET Online.

“When I got back from surgery, [Bowie] again was kind of right in this area … Then when I had my first chemo, she would sniff my entire body up and down. And she was always protective before, but she has become this crazy, protective dog. It’s hard to get close to me when she’s around.”

Shannen continued to discuss how the support of her mother and husband has helped her in this battle.

“Because the cancer family is a really large family, and they’re wonderful and embracing and so willing to share their own story with you — and also inspire you and be inspired by you…That amount of love has changed me, it’s just made me appreciate people. I always did, but it’s like a new kind of appreciation.”

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