Michelle Obama May Run For Senate, But What About President?

Right now, Michelle Obama is being called one of the most important people on Twitter, and the speeches that she and her husband gave at the Democratic National Convention had their fans in tears.

At the end of July, #ObamaSpeech was trending on Twitter, but many soon made sure that everyone knew they were referring to Michelle Obama, and not her husband.

After Michelle Obama’s DNC speech, it was clear from some reactions on Twitter that she is a bipartisan favorite, and it seemed odd to many of her fans that she did not run for president after her husband.

As a matter of fact, on July 26, the Washington Post pointed out that after her DNC speech, Michelle Obama would be a center point of media speculation about her running for president because of the reaction of her fans on social media.

Alternatively, on July 26, Fortune boldly exclaimed “here’s why Michelle Obama will never run for president,” but could they be wrong?

On January 14, the Washington Times reported that President Obama said Michelle will not run for president, but he did not elaborate on the reasons she had.

Michelle Obama DNC Speech
Michelle Obama speaks during the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. [Image Via Mark J. Terrill/AP Photo]

Interestingly, the negative sentiment about Michelle Obama being a future president is allegedly from the First Lady herself.

For example, Michelle Obama has described living in the White House for the past eight years to be a “very nice prison” and she has said that she “feels trapped” because she cannot do day-to-day activities like a regular person.

On March 16, CNN reported that the question was brought up again during the SXSW music festival in Texas, but Michelle Obama also turned down the idea of being president at that time.

This time, Michelle Obama said her reason for not wanting to be president related to her children. While Michelle Obama felt she had handled the pressure of raising two children in the White House, she also felt that, after eight years, “enough is enough.”

However, it is not over yet, and Michelle Obama might not be talking about running for president, but she is certainly planning on circling the White House after her husband leaves office and will presumably be keeping a hawk eye on Capitol Hill.

On August 8, Occupy Democrats reported that there were rumors that Michelle Obama was considering running for Congress and this was assumed to be a sign she might eventually run for president.

After all, many current or past senators have run for president, and attempting to get elected into Congress could be a hint that Michelle Obama is getting prepared to run for president in the next eight to 20 years.

Adding fuel to the fire, Washington Examiner claimed on August 8 that the Democratic National Convention/Committee (DNC) has printed their first Michelle Obama bumper sticker that might indicate she is going to run for the senate. So far, the DNC claims this is part of raising money for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and the Michelle Obama bumper sticker is available for $10.

Occupy Democrats also elaborated on how Michelle Obama would likely be the most qualified presidential option because, unlike many candidates for president, both Michelle and Barack Obama have extensive degrees in law.

Tom Hanks Supports Democratic Presidential Candidates Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton
Tom Hanks and the Obamas attend the 2014 Kennedy Center Honors (Photo by Dennis Brack/Black Star-Pool/Getty Images)

For example, Michelle Obama graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School, worked in a law firm in Chicago, was a Special Assistant to the Mayor of Chicago and went on to work another government position as Assistant Commissioner of Planning and Development.

Michelle Obama is highly-educated, and the American people feel like she is someone they can listen to. In addition to the reaction from her DNC speech, USA Today wrote on July 26 that, like Bernie Sanders, Michelle Obama “owns” Twitter and Google.

In other words, Michelle Obama has said she does not want to run for president, but does anyone else agree with that? Will the next few years give America a chance to convince her?

So far, there have been several attempts on Twitter to encourage Michelle Obama to run for president and some say they do not even need to know what her policies are because they would vote for her.

Another Twitter user says that if Michelle Obama runs for president, they will go to the U.S. just to vote for her and then fly back to their home country.

[Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Fortune/Time]