Attacker’s DNA Found On Murdered Jogger, Vanessa Marcotte – Person Of Interest Found

The investigation in the murder of Princeton jogger Vanessa Marcotte is making progress, as the coroner found foreign DNA on Marcotte’s body, as she fought back against her attacker. Police are also saying that they have identified a person of interest, though they will not share the name of the individual. All they will say at this time is that the person is familiar with the area. Tips continue to come in to the Massachusetts State Police, and the investigation continues.

Vanessa Marcotte, the Princeton jogger who was murdered last week, was a Google employee who lived in NYC. Marcotte was visiting her mother, and went out for a mid-day jog and never returned. Marcotte’s body was found in a wooded area raped, strangled and burned. Police are supposing now that the killer knew he left DNA on Marcotte’s body, and tried to eliminate it with fire. Luckily, Marcotte’s murderer was not successful in concealing his DNA. Vanessa Marcotte was an active user of social media, and Marcotte’s Instagram account shows a young woman who loved travel, and seemed to have many friends.

Police are now testing the DNA of a person of interest in the case of jogger Vanessa Marcotte in Princeton, Massachusetts, but will not identify the man at this time.

“That person is only described as someone with knowledge of the park where Vanessa Marcotte was found dead.”


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Mass. State Police are saying that the person of interest is familiar with the area of the park where Marcotte was found. Also reported to police was an odd encounter a woman (employed at Wachusett Mountain) had with a man and a woman at Wachusett Mountain, only six miles away from where Marcotte was found. The man had cuts on his arms at 2 p.m. on the day Marcotte was attacked. The couple told the woman that they had both been in a motorcycle crash, and had come up to the mountain to clean up. The Wachusett Mountain resort turned video footage over to the police, as Marcotte died between 1 and 3 p.m.

The resort employee said the story the couple told sounded odd to her as they explained that an ambulance driver told them to go to the ski resort to clean up their wounds. There was reportedly no ambulances in sight.

Over 500 tips were called into the state police in the Marcotte case, but police are still seeking more information. Worcester County District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr. explained in a statement that it is believed that Marcotte fought her attacker, and they are seeking someone with wounds. David Procopio, a Massachusetts State Police Representative urged the public to make note of anyone with scratches on their hands and arms.

We ask that the public continue to think about whether they may have seen anything or anyone suspicious, out of place, or just sticking in their memory for any reason, and let us know via the tip line. We continue to ask people to search their memories about any males on whom they may have noticed potential injuries such as scratches, bruises, cuts, gouge marks, etc., as well as any vehicles — moving or parked — on Brooks Station Road between 1-3 pm Sunday.”

Procopio says there is no such thing as a tip too small.

“No amount of information is too small or inconsequential. Every piece of information, no matter how important it may seem to the bearer, has potential value to our efforts to secure justice for Ms. Marcotte and her loved ones.”

A funeral for Vanessa Marcotte is scheduled for Tuesday with calling hours tomorrow. The funeral service will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at Our Lady of the Lake Church in Leominster, and Marcotte will be buried at Woodside Cemetery in Westminster.

Do you think the police progress will lead to a suspect in the Vanessa Marcotte case?

[Photo by Joel Page/AP Images]