WWE News: Becky Lynch Gives Props To Eva Marie, Says She’s ‘Hard-Working’

SmackdownLive is the land of opportunity for wrestlers in the WWE. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan spoke the truth on the very first episode over three weeks ago. Monday Night Raw is meant for entertainment and the Authority storylines, while Smackdown Live is the complete antithesis of that. It’s about the matches in the ring and WWE superstars each night. So far, McMahon and Bryan have backed up their initial word.

The storylines are fresh and the wrestlers are relatively new. Dean Ambrose is the WWE World champion, but his opponent, Dolph Ziggler, is new to the main event scene after being pushed down the mid-card for several years consecutively. Bray Wyatt is finally making moves in the main card. He isn’t winning matches still, but for Wyatt fans, take anything you can get with the Eater of Worlds and his “push.”

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That is just the men’s top feud and that’s a good thing. On the women’s side, it is just as interesting. The new upstart Carmella is in a feud with Natalya. Enzo and Cass’ former valet is improving everyday in the ring and on the microphone. There is no doubt Natalya will do the right thing and put her over. As for the big feud in the Women’s division, Eva Marie is entrenched in a program with Becky Lynch, the Irish Lasskicker.

So far, the feud has consisted of Marie pulling out of two matches in her debut on Smackdown Live due to an injury and a wardrobe malfunction. Along with her ridiculous entrance, it’s the best work Marie has done for the WWE in whole. Her heel heat is already resonating with WWE fans, even the ones who didn’t watch WWE NXT. Some of the heat is real and WWE fans are criticizing her. Becky Lynch defended Eva Marie and claims she’s a very hard worker to Channel Guide Magazine.

“Eva Marie is so hard-working. Yes, she is new. She gets so much flack from fans for being this gorgeous woman who, apparently, they say can’t wrestle, but she puts in the hard work. I love working with talent like that. It’s a challenge for me, but I feel it’s a great spot for me to be in because I can be a leader. I really enjoy that. I remember when I was coming in and having someone to keep you calm and help you through helps. Then you build this confidence. It does help because maybe they don’t have that confidence at first, and you are able to bring them through to a good match. Then they come back, and they are so excited. I absolutely love that.”

Even in a world where kayfabe barely exists, Lynch finding the heart to give Eva Marie props like that is very respectable of the Irish Lasskicker. Those two are going to put on a great feud. Marie is the perfect heel, while Lynch is the best babyface to put her up against. Lynch’s facial expressions are phenomenal and she is playing into Marie’s game of waiting for her re-debut on the main roster.

WWE Divas: Charlotte and Becky Lynch
WWE Women's Champion Charlotte defends the title against Natalya at 'WWE Extreme Rules' on May 22 [image via WWE].

In a recent article by the Inquisitr, Eva Marie is slated to become the face of the Women’s division and presumably the first Women’s champion of the New Era on the blue brand.

Marie may not be the best wrestler, or even a good one, but she knows how to get a reaction out of the crowd and has a great look.When she was in WWE NXT, she fought for the Women’s championship and almost beat Bayley. The reaction for Bayley’s win was an uproar of happiness. Imagine if that happens again on the main roster.

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