June 29, 2017
‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Paulie Begs For Help From Unlikely Ally, Paul And Natalie Suss Out Paulie’s Game Plan

Live feeds from inside the Big Brother 18 house over the past few days have depicted houseguests on emotional ups and downs, as a new Head of Household (HOH) emerged, nominations were made, the Power of Veto (POV) competition took place, and cast members firmly set their sights on a powerful target.

Joker's Updates live feed spoilers reveal the week 7 HOH is Victor Arroyo, who conspired with Paul Abrahamian to take down a strong presence in the Big Brother 18 house. As such, Victor nominated Paulie Calafiore and Corey Brooks for eviction, with Paulie being the primary target. The POV was subsequently won by Victor, who will probably leave his nominations the same, hoping to send Paulie to jury.

Paulie is now scrambling to try and sway his fellow Big Brother 18 cast mates into keeping him in the game, but his efforts may be futile. The cocky attitude he's displayed on live feeds, and the insulting and hurtful remarks he's made about others, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, have left a bad taste in most of the houseguests mouths. Therefore, a majority of them currently want him gone.
Obviously, Paulie is aware of this and has tried to get help from Michelle Meyer, who, if she decides to help him, would be an extremely unlikely ally. Paulie and Michelle have had a somewhat contemptuous relationship in the Big Brother 18 house, as she's expressed her disdain for him and he's had some very disturbing things to say about her.
As reported prior by the Inquisitr, when Paulie thought Michelle would be evicted last week and was told she would blow up his game on the way out, he ranted to his showmance partner Zakiyah Everette (who was on the block with Michelle) about how he would "break" Michelle and "go for the jugular" if she attempted to speak ill of him. As fate would have it, Paulie was blindsided, as the house flipped and voted out Zakiyah, confusing and bewildering Paulie, the Inquisitr reported.
Early Sunday morning at around 12:55 a.m. Big Brother house time, Paulie approached Michelle and she join him in the safari room, according to Joker's Updates.
TV Grapevine reports Paulie told Michelle he is tired of being ganged up on and constantly having to defend himself. Michelle was honest with Paulie, admitting, "I play dirty," to which he responded, "… that makes conversations very hard with you …"
Despite this, Michelle was heard offering Paulie a sympathy vote, which he rejected, saying he couldn't do that to "his boy" Corey, according to Joker's Updates. As time went on, at around 1:34 a.m., Paulie continued to talk about how "down" he is and begged Michelle for her help. He told her if he stays in the Big Brother 18 house, he will need the assistance of Michelle and Corey.
Michelle seemed to be sincere when she told Paulie to campaign and not give up. She added she hopes Paulie can sleep and that she genuinely feels bad about the predicament he now finds himself in, according to Joker's Updates.
At around 1:55 a.m., Paulie began complaining about Natalie Negrotti, saying he knows her friends outside the Big Brother 18 house and she's "fake," Joker's Updates reports.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Paulie has mocked Natalie's breasts, calling her "FT," which is a crude nickname for fake breasts.

Joker's Updates notes that Michelle said she didn't understand how Natalie could have forgiven her for some of the things she's done and Paulie reiterated, "because she's fake" and is part of Michelle's alliance, implying Natalie was just playing Michelle to stay in the game.
After Michelle and Paulie finally went their separate ways, Michelle could be heard on live feeds telling Nicole she feels bad for Paulie because he is really down and out right now.

Although Michelle may be considering Paulie's request to help him stay in the Big Brother 18 house, Paul and Natalie believe they are onto Paulie's new game plan. According to TV Grapevine, Paul discussed with Natalie how Michelle is spending so much time talking to Paulie, and the two agreed Michelle could be easily manipulated.

Natalie and Paul agreed Paulie's new strategy is to use pity and tears to gain the sympathy of others, but when Paulie was HOH, he was ruthless to others. TV Grapevine reports Natalie revealed to Paul that Paulie made fun of her because she wanted to make it jury because she needs the money to pay off her student loans.
The houseguests need to remember that if Paulie is evicted Thursday, it may not be the end of his game, as his sealed envelope obtained from the secret room twist may contain the round trip ticket that will immediately send him back into the Big Brother 18 house. So, until Thursday night's live eviction episode, it is unclear what Paulie's fate will be.
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