‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: It’s A Big Week For Jason And Sam, Surprise Baby News Will Be Joyful And Concerning

This coming week on General Hospital promises to have some good scenes between Jason and Sam. They are one of the most well-loved couples on the ABC soap and fans are gearing up to what is expected to be exactly what they have been waiting for. Their relationship is about to take a different path than they had planned, but also may be tested in the process.

At the end of Friday’s episode, Jason knew something was bothering Sam. She had chosen not to let him know just yet that he is going to be a daddy again but according to Soap Opera Digest, that is about to change. After some prompting by Jason, Sam will finally tell him her big news.

Last week, Sam found out that she is unexpectedly pregnant and even though this is a pleasant surprise, it also comes at a bad time, as the Cassadine Island crew just came back from Greece with a possible case of malaria. Jason was already diagnosed with it, but he has been treated and released from the hospital. So far, no one else has tested positive, but Sam has not had her results yet and if she does test positive, this is not good for her baby. She had decided to keep her pregnancy to herself until the results came in, but Jason seems to know her too well. Sam is expected to confess that she is pregnant.

Jason is sure to be quite surprised, overjoyed, and a bit concerned about this pregnancy. All sorts of emotions will be seen on General Hospital since this is unexpected news just coming back from their adventure on Cassadine Island. Unfortunately, their happiness may be halted if Sam’s test comes back positive for malaria. Of course, you just never know if there will be some kind of twist that the writers have come up with when it comes to Jason and Sam.

Spoilers also say that Jason is set on making sure that Sam knows that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Now that he realizes they are expanding their family, it is rumored that he will propose to her. This pregnancy reveal will delight JaSam fans.

The only other person who knows about the pregnancy right now, besides Dr. Finn, is Elizabeth. It was quite a different scene on General Hospital when the two women were actually nice to each other with no cat fights going on. Some may have thought that Liz would be bitter, angry, and jealous that Sam is once again carrying Jason’s child, but she was actually helpful to Sam and gave her some advice. She even went with her to the hospital for moral support.

Are the writers trying to change Sam and Elizabeth to be friends instead of enemies? Remember that these two had become more supportive of each other when Jason was presumed dead. They may just do that once again. Now if Liz continues to date Franco, their impending friendship will be halted quickly.

It sounds like Jason may have more children problems to worry about, as well. According to spoilers by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Jake may be spilling his secrets to his mom about what happened when he was with Helena Cassadine on the island. There is still more to come, and the crew that just came back from Greece may still have more surprises that they are about to find out. General Hospital viewers have waited a long time to find out what happened to little Jake on the island and what Helena may have done to him and now that wait may finally be over.

Jason and Sam will have a lot on their plate this coming week. With the joy and concern over this new baby, waiting for Sam’s results to come back, and Jake’s past coming to light, this couple will have a lot to deal with. Even though JaSam fans may not like it, Elizabeth has also been put right in the middle of this story line. She always will be involved in Jason’s life since she is the mother of one of his kids.

Jason will certainly not like it when the spoilers also say that Franco will be comforting Elizabeth probably when she finds out what Jake has been through. This may just bring Liz and Franco closer than ever and that will make Jason furious, not to mention Sam.

What do you think will happen with Jason, Sam, and this new baby on General Hospital?

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