Ajelina Lewis, William Palmer: ‘Snapped’ Eyes Arizona Father Whose Nude, Bloody Body Found Dead On Bedroom Floor

Ajelina Lewis, the Arizona woman who viciously stabbed her baby’s daddy to death in his bed six years ago, is the latest story to air on Snapped. This Sunday in the episode titled “Ajelina Lewis,” law enforcement officials and family members will recount how a father ended up dead in the middle of the night as his child’s mother escaped. Was it the work of an intruder due to a drug debt or did someone have a personal score to settle?

What Happened In That Apartment In Sierra Vista?

Police received a 911 call from a woman who said that an intruder had entered an apartment where her baby’s father lived. She explained that she was able to escape the apartment, but didn’t know if 21-year-old Will Palmer was okay. Police went to do a followup check at apartment 305 at the Garden Place Apartments in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Once they arrived, they were met by a man who identified himself as Will Palmer’s uncle and stated that he believed Will Palmer was in his room asleep.

The confused man, who seemed to know nothing about an intruder, led them to William Palmer’s bedroom. It was there that they found his bloody and naked body.

The body was cold to the touch, and William ‘Will’ Palmer was pronounced dead. An autopsy report confirmed that he had been stabbed over 20 times and that two of the stab wounds were fatal, according to Tuscon. The coroner also confirmed that there were few defensive wounds, indicating that the victim was most likely passed out or asleep when he was attacked.

Ajelina’s Story Is Shaky

When questioned by police, Ajelina Louise Roth Lewis, aka Ajelina Lewis, stated that they were in bed asleep after a night of drinking when a shadowy figured entered the room. She told police that she was able to run past the intruder and flee the home in her car.

Immediately, detectives knew that her story was strange since it didn’t seem plausible that an intruder would allow her to leave. Plus, she wouldn’t have had time to find her keys. When pressed about the keys, Ajelina had an explanation for that. She said that she was sleeping with the keys. Ajelina Lewis also admitted to using cocaine that fateful night. However, she offered up an explanation as to why the murder occurred. According to her, drug people may have been after them and that it was rumored that she was a snitch.

A prison photo of Ajelina Lewis [Image via Cochise County Courts/Facebook


Will Palmer’s mother was devastated and shocked by her son’s death. Why was Ajelina even there? After all, they had decided to go their separate ways and had agreed on caring for their child.

However, it seemed that Ajelina Lewis was always at his place, even when she had family living close by. Plus, there had already been one previous break-in. It seemed that trouble was following Ajelina. It wasn’t supposed to be that way. Life had started out easy for her. She had a father who was a psychologist and had a good upbringing. But while attending high school, she became pregnant and had started hanging around with people who did drugs.

Looking back, William Palmer’s mother said that when she first met Ajelina, she wouldn’t look her in the eye. But, she chalked it up to Ajelina being shy. Now, she realizes it could have meant much more. On the show, she’ll tell parents that if they have a gut feeling about their child’s significant other that they should at least look into it, though she admits that there is still little a parent can do if the child is an adult.

For the death of William Palmer, Ajelina Lewis was originally found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, according to WAVE 3. She was later re-sentenced to 16 years in prison. Here is what some of the locals are saying about tonight’s show, according to some comments found on Facebook.

“I knew her really well, she was sweet kinda spolied daddies girl till about junior year. She started acting hard and hanging out with skectchy people thats when we lost touch.”

“I CANNOT believe this scumbag b–tch will be released. I didn’t realize it until right now when I read this that they only gave her 16 YEARS IN PRISON. WTF.”

“I went to school with her…and have heard compelling arguments for and against her. She was no murderer…and things sounded fishy.”

“She was on drugs at the time and more evidence points towards her, than not. Plus, she hid evidence and also contacted friends and stated that she was going to be in trouble and was panicking. I knew her in high school also, and she was always a little…off.”

You won’t want to miss tonight’s show based on the case. Watch Snapped tonight at 9/8 p.m Central on Oxygen. An earlier Snapped episode featured the case of Shelia Eddy.

[Photo by Ross D. Franklin/AP File]