Ohio Teen Dies While Car Surfing In Walmart Parking Lot

Chillicothe, OH – An Ohio teenager died while car surfing in a Walmart parking lot on Saturday night. Jacob Wolfe, 16, hit his head on the hood of a Honda he had been riding on in the discount department store customer parking area. I had just left the store before the tragic accident took place. The large parking lot, which is shared with a Kohl’s store next door, was extremely full. Shopping families strolled in and out of the Chillicothe Walmart store, unaware of the tragedy which was about to take place.

The small southern Ohio town has been rocked by the horrific death of the fun-loving teen often referred to as the “Wolfman” by his friends.

Police officers report that Jacob Wolfe was severely injured when the 18-year-old driver of the Honda, suddenly hit his breaks, according to the Chillicothe Gazette.

The car surfing teenager was flown to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, where he ultimately died from severe head trauma on Sunday. Although the investigation is still ongoing, police investigators are not expected to charge the Honda driver, according to the New York Daily News.

Chillicothe High School Principal Jeff Fisher had this to say about the deadly car surfing accident:

“He was a great kid. Jacob was a great person and had a great sense of humor. No matter the situation, he could make you smile, make you laugh. It’s tragic. It’s going to be a difficult situation all around.”

Teachers recall the time they spent with the Chillicothe teen fondly, noting their laughter when the young man did a bellyflop on a desk during class. Jacob Wolfe’s Facebook page has been filled with countless posts about the young man’s character and out going personality.