Horror Remakes: Another New 'Elm Street' And 'The Crow' Finally Casts It Right With Jason Momoa?

Diana Price

Every hardcore horror fan cringes at the announcement of a remake of one of their favorite classic horror movies, and the fairly recent remake of Nightmare on Elm Street reflected that poor enthusiasm at the box office. Even though the Wes Craven classic was only the subject of a remake six years ago, Bloody Disgusting reports yet another remake of the original film is in the works. That sound you hear is the universal heavy sigh of horror fans everywhere. And definitely not in a happy way.

So far there have been no casting announcements made for the new Nightmare on Elm Street remake, but Orphan Black writer David Leslie Johnson is on board for the project, which hasn't even announced its producer. New Line Cinema plans to release the remake of the remake once again.

While the acting in the original film leaves much to be desired, remaking such a horror classic seems quite unnecessary to many fans. It's particularly hard to really make a film with such an iconic character played by the quintessential actor for the role. Obviously, that's another way of saying New Line faces the task once again of trying to find someone who can live up to Robert Englund as the demented madman that haunts teenagers' dreams. No rumors yet regarding who might be tapped to fill that knife-wielding glove. Dare horror fans hope Englund might step up again?

A remake of the gothic and horror classic The Crow has also been in the works for years, but has never launched due to all of those Hollywood negotiations and pitfalls. While no fan of the cult classic has been heartbroken by this fact, many were extremely unhappy at some of the casting rumors in the past, including Bradley Cooper.

Bradley Cooper? Really? That sound you hear is the universal projectile vomiting of horror fans everywhere.

Judging from Momoa's comments about this being a dream job and images from a Crow-themed photoshoot of Momoa, it seems this may be a good match at last. Most of the photoshoot images floating around are thumbnail-sized gifs, but Nerd Bastards managed to get a hold of a larger sample, and other than the larger muscles, Momoa could definitely pass for the late Brandon Lee.

Sounds like they may have the right man for the job, but will The Crow remake finally take flight this time? And can it do justice to the original with Jason Momoa in the lead?

[Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP]