Michael Phelps, Taylor Lianne Chandler, And Nicole Johnson Love Triangle Heats Up

Michael Phelps may need to explain this to his presently 3-month-old son Boomer someday: Who is Taylor Lianne Chandler? And why is his dad’s alleged love affair with the intersex beauty queen a continuing media fascination?

When that time of reckoning comes, Daddy Phelps might have a hard time explaining to his son Boomer just what an intersex is. To answer this question, Time consults a number of experts. However, in simplest terms, an intersex is someone who doesn’t fall into the usual male and female sexual differentiation. For example, in the case of Chandler, she was born with a womb but with no ovaries; also, she has a penis but without testicles.

On August 14, the greatest athlete the world has ever known retired from the Olympic theater. It’s a stroke of genius for Michael Phelps — quitting while winning. The star swimmer has amassed 28 career gold medals and not only that — 23 of these medals are gold.

Total Sportek has compiled a list of the top Olympic medal recipients and of course, Michael Phelps is on top of the heap. Gymnast Larisa Latynina is a remote No. 2 — she is 10 medals shy of Phelps. Michael Phelps has so effectively insulated his record from other Olympians.

“I have been victim shamed for almost a year and a half, while he is a hero and role model,” is how Taylor Lianne Chandler compares himself to Phelps. On Facebook, Chandler goes on a rant about how unfair the world can be. She tells Sportsrageous the following.

“I did absolutely nothing wrong, but in defending myself and wanting him to acknowledge the truth I’m a stalker, psycho, evil, abusive, nutcase that won’t let it go.”

The long and short of the purported love affair between Taylor Lianne Chandler and Michael Phelps is that the two allegedly met through the Tinder dating app in August 2014 and the sparks flew. Also, the two had sex more than once, and there was an assumption of a relationship.

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However, only Taylor is claiming the story while Michael Phelps has always kept mum about the whole thing. In so doing, he neither confirms nor denies that anything took place. It’s the classic “no comment” media response.

Still, Taylor continues to air the couple’s alleged dirty laundry on both the social and traditional media. This dirty laundry consists of the times when Taylor went to bed with the Olympian as well as a litany of instances when Michael Phelps cheated.

“That’s why she posted the d**k pic and tagged Nicole. Then there was a girl from Cali, Canada, the dog walker. They all knew about Nicole and I. Then there are the escorts, stewardesses, waitresses, other swimmers, all in 2014!”

Taylor Lianne Chandler’s social media litany paints a picture of Michael Phelps as a liar, a cheat, and a womanizer. Meanwhile, according to the Inquisitr, a wedding date has already been set between the multi-decorated swimmer and 2010 Miss California U.S.A. Nicole Johnson.

Amid this kind of scenario, it looks highly likely that Taylor Lianne Chandler might just show up at the Michael-Nicole wedding ceremony if only to object about the marital union. In her Speak Now music album, multi-awarded songstress Taylor Swift immortalizes that point at a wedding when the priest asks the crowd if anybody objects to the matrimony: “Speak now or forever hold your peace.”

According to the Morning Ledger, Chandler got so frustrated when she first found out that Michael Phelps has a baby with another woman. The source also quotes the intersex as saying that her relationship with Phelps made her feel so appreciated as a woman. She also says that no other man made her feel more comfortable.

Obviously, the lady is still very much in love. So it doesn’t look like her issue with Michael Phelps and his fiancee, Nicole Johnson is going away anytime soon. Nobody knows how long Phelps can maintain his silence regarding the issue. But looking at the future when his son is all grown up, Boomer himself could be the one asking his father the question.

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