Welcome To ‘Walley World:’ American Tourists Turned Away From Olympic Park

American tourists who traveled all the way across the pond to visit the site of the 2012 Summer Games have been reportedly turned away from Olympic Park. According to Express.co.uk, these jilted vacationers have dubbed the area “Walley World” after the famous amusement park featured in the classic Chevy Chase comedy National Lampoon’s Vacation.

“It’s so, so sad. Visiting the Park was the one thing we wanted to do here,” explained Cynthia de Jong, who ventured to London. “It was all people were talking about on the plane coming over. We just wanted to look around but the gates are shut. It was like Chevy Chase and Walley World.”

The frustrated tourist also explained that Olympic Park owners missed a golden business opportunity by closing and dismantling the attraction. “There are probably planes full of tourists coming over from the US hoping to see the Park,” she said. “The organisers have messed up. But the Games were just amazing; we were glued to them.”

According to News Track India, the absence of tourists and Olympic hopefuls has had an understandable effect on local businesses. After the hustle and bustle the event brought to the area, the aftermath must seem quite tranquil in comparison.

“All we get is builders now. The difference is amazing. It’s very sad,” one coffee shop employee explained.

It’s not surprising that business has slowed since the 2012 Summer Olympics came to a close. In addition to the countless individuals who showed up to watch the games, 10,820 athletes from 204 nations participated in the event. However, when the Olympics came to a close, work began on dismantling the structures which housed the games just weeks ago. As a result, sales started to plummet.

Unless you want to get turned away from the Olympic Park in a scene reminiscent of the Criswold’s storied journey to Walley World in National Lampoon’s Vacation, you might want to reconsider your trip to the site of the 2012 Summer Olympics.