Did Hillary Clinton Have A Seizure On Camera? Conspiracy Theory Targets Presidential Candidate

A new right-wing conspiracy theory is targeting Hillary Clinton, and it’s gaining mainstream media attention. The Daily Mail reports that the Democratic presidential candidate is being accused of having a seizure, on-camera, during a June event in Washington. Could there be any truth to the numerous rumors circulating about her health?

The video in question was shot on June 10 in Washington, at a muffin shop. During the incident, at least one journalist was present — including Lisa Lerer, who “shouted questions” at the presidential hopeful. During the exchange, Clinton gave an “exaggerated motion” while shaking her head in response to a question.

However, a right-wing commentator, Sean Hannity, has taken aim at Hillary Clinton, which has caused a conspiracy theory to gain mass attention, regarding the woman’s health. Hannity has devoted a lot of time to insinuating that Clinton suffered a seizure during the June 10 incident, even though the journalist that was present says otherwise. While labeling her demeanor in the video “seizure-esque,” Hannity told his audience that Clinton’s movements were “violent.”

“This looks like violent, out of control movements on her part.”

Sean Hannity didn’t stop at claiming Clinton had suffered from a seizure. The Fox News show host has also referenced a photo of the presidential hopeful, which shows her stumbling while walking up a flight of a stairs.

Journalist Lisa Lerer says that Hillary Clinton absolutely did not have a seizure while in the Washington muffin shop. The journalist confirms that Clinton, instead, was making an exaggerated reaction to a question that she had been asked. This can be backed up by the video, which is still circulating on the internet. Hillary Clinton is also well known for her reactions to various questions, which can be quite animated.

Sean Hannity is known for being a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Both Trump and Hannity famously shared belief in the “birther” conspiracy theory movement against President Barack Obama. Not only did Hannity share belief in this conspiracy theory, but he also devoted many episodes of his show to talking about it to his audience. So it comes as no surprise that Hannity is also participating in conspiracy theories that target Hillary. But how many people believe it? Social media is an indicator that opinions are becoming quite heated about this particular topic.

Conspiracy theories and politics seem to go hand-in-hand, with numerous theories existing about political figures, establishments and pretty much every aspect of the U.S. government. One popular conspiracy involves the idea that “lizard people” from a different planet are “inhabiting” members of the U.S. government. The conspiracy theory has existed for many years, resurfacing every now and then. In 2013, it resurfaced by targeting a secret service agent that had “unusual features.”

Mother Jones has documented an extensive list of conspiracy theories that directly target Hillary Clinton, some of which focusing on her health. One theory claims that Clinton has suffered from long-term brain damage. Others target her sexual orientation, and others insinuate that the Clintons have had people killed over the courses of their political careers.

Will conspiracy theories against Hillary Clinton ever stop? With her getting closer and closer to the White House, it’s safe to say they won’t.

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