Usain Bolt: Forget Much? Justin Gatlin Has Beaten Him Multiple Times Outside The Olympics [Video]

How quickly we forget things we don’t like, right? Usain Bolt is talking a lot of noise as if he doesn’t recall the times Justin Gatlin left him panting.

As you probably know by now, Usain Bolt is the favorite going into Sunday’s matchup against rival Justin Gatlin. Yet, if you know anything about Usain, you know he has the tendency to slow down toward the end of his races — while watching others struggle as they cross the finish line.

However, the contrast holds for Gatlin. Simply look at his videos. Justin sprints until the end.

Likewise, Bolt sprints to the end when he’s racing against Gatlin — and for good reason.

The video is from a 2013 100m competition in Rome. It’s called the Golden Gala Diamond League. Justin Gatlin sprinted Lane 6, while Usain Bolt ran Lane 4.

It was a close race, to say the least. However, it seems that Justin had just a little more in the tank toward the end.

At the same “Gala,” but two years later, Justin Gatlin smashes Usain Bolt’s record by two one-hundredths of a second, at that event.

Yet, Gatlin and Bolt have a common flaw. They don’t blast off the line like other sprinters. However, Justin’s and Usain’s accelerations are mindboggling.

According to Michael Johnson, Usain Bolt could actually run faster.

Two things hinder his increase.

Sidenote: Johnson used to hold the title as the fastest man alive, also.

Want to see it?

And, he was still pulling away from the other sprinters.

Nevertheless, Usain Bolt broke Johnson’s record by two one-hundredths of a second (19.30)… then again at 19.20.

Back to business.

The former Olympian notes that Usain exerts a lot of “wasted motion” with his upper body. Can you believe that? Bolt could actually run faster if his form was better.

“He doesn’t have lateral stability,” says Johnson. “All of that energy that should be going into the track is spilling out.”

Michael points out that Bolt suffers from scoliosis, and that’s a major cause for his upper body’s running situation. Nevertheless, he also mentions that Usain improperly starts off the line flat-footed.

In the same commentary, the former Olympian mentions that Justin Gatlin’s form is excellent and allows him to place all of his effort in linear motion.

So, is Justin Gatlin ready?

Overall, Justin Gatlin mentions that he’s ready for what Usain Bolt could bring to the table on Sunday, as mentions Pensacola News Journal.

Pretty much — unless there’s an act of God — you’ll see Bolt versus Gatlin in the finals.

In a previous Inquisitr report, it’s noted that the world has labeled Justin “the villain” and Usain “the hero.”

This traces back to Justin Gatlin’s use of “banned substances” in 2006. However, that’s a circumstance from a decade ago, years before Usain Bolt became the runner he is today — likewise, years before the current version of Gatlin.

While it’s obvious that there’s a rivalry between the two, Usain has mentioned that he’s going to quiet Justin’s promises of victory. There’s no denying that Bolt is the fastest man alive. But, one can’t deny that Gatlin comes in a strong second-fastest.

And, one wrong slipup on Usain’s part could spell disaster for Jamaica in the finals. As can be seen from Justin’s preliminaries, he’s gunning for the record.

What do you think about Gatlin’s and Bolt’s rivalry? Who will be the victor? Do you think it will continue for both athletes long after these Olympic games?

Only time will tell, right? Each year, both athletes break records while making claims toward each other.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo by Andy Wong/AP Images]