Kim Kardashian's Weight-Loss Story A Lie? Gets 'Tummy Tuck' After Journey

Was Kim Kardashian's weight-loss journey all a lie? That's what fans are wondering on Saturday, Aug. 13. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality star appeared to be very open about going back to her post-baby weight since giving birth to Saint West in December.

Kim Kardashian, 35, even took to Snapchat to document her weight-loss journey with her fans. She would have weekly weigh-ins and regular measurings with her stylist. Now, according to a report via The Mirror, Kardashian is taking her weight loss even further by visiting Dr. Ourian of Epione Beverly Hills. Kardashian has reportedly scheduled a tummy tuck following her 80-pound weight loss from her low-carb Atkins diet.

Kim Kardashian
Did Kim Kardashian mislead fans about her weight-loss journey by getting a tummy tuck? [Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]"I'm at Dr. Ourian's – skin tightening," the dark-haired beauty proudly said in her a recent video posted to Snapchat.The surgeon then took to his own Instagram account after Kim's procedure, and thanked her for sharing it with her millions of fans.

"Thank you, #KimKardashianWest, for posting this video on Snapchat earlier today. #Skintightening #nonsurgical #tummytuck."

It turns out she's not misleading her fans after all. According to Medical Daily, most people get a tummy tuck once they drop a massive amount of weight. Most moms, like Kardashian, get one to achieve their post-baby bod. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of tummy tuck procedures has increased 104 percent since the year 2000. A tummy tuck helps reshape the contours of the stomach where skin elasticity is lost and the abdominal muscles weaken due to dramatic body changes. The procedure usually takes from one to five hours and is generally performed under general anesthesia.

However, the Epione website states that Dr. Ourian's tummy tuck treatment does not require extensive surgery. This form of skin tightening can be performed on sagging skin around the eyes and neck, too.

"[Skin tightening] is not particularly invasive and doesn't require surgery. The collagen layer of the skin is heated up so that the skin contracts under the laser's effects. The tightening of the skin is noticeable right away. It tightens even more over a two-month period of time. It is recommended that you have around two treatments done about one month apart from one another."
Although Dr. Ourian is known as the man behind the Brazilian Butt Lift, Kim has denied getting butt implants in the past, but she has admitted to getting Botox injections, cheek fillers, laser cellulite removal, and laser treatments all over her body, according to The report speculates that Dr. Ourian may have given Kim a discount in exchange for promoting his services on her social media account. Dr. Ourian has performed laser cellulite removal on Khloe Kardashian on an old episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and has even given Kylie Jenner Juvéderm lip fillers.

According to New York Mag's The Cut, Kim Kardashian's weight-loss journey has gone too far, but not because of her recent procedure. It's because of the media's constant bragging about her weight. The publication argues that it's unhealthy for Kardashian's fans to know her exact weight, especially if she loses another pound. The constant reports about Kardashian's weight could set up unhealthy expectations for her younger fans. The media is even reporting about how much fat she lost in her neck.

Kim has recently taken to Snapchat to address those crazy stories about her neck weight loss. She jokingly said that her choker no longer fits.

According to a recent report via PeopleStyle, the starlet is currently only four pounds away from her post-baby goal weight. Kardashian plans to step up her style with even sexier outfits in the near future. At the launch of Revolve's L.A. Social Club, Kardashian revealed the first thing she will do when she reaches her 120-pounds weight-loss goal.
"Now that I feel I've gotten down to my goal weight a little bit more, I want to wear less clothes, so I'm really into bodysuits and trying to figure out how to wear that more."
She also revealed how she pulls off wearing winter clothes in the summertime without breaking a sweat. Kim last showed up to an event wearing a long-sleeve sweater dress with denim knee-high boots.
"The sweater dress that I did wear to the Revolve event in the Hamptons was so thin and it was really overcast that day, so it worked. It was short and I had an open-toe bootie."
The one trend that Kardashian is happy to bring back is the choker necklace. Once she finds a few that fit, she will gladly wear more.
"I never want to say I created it or started it because, I mean, I got it from somewhere. So I didn't start it, but if I wear chokers and I see all my friends wearing chokers or the same ones or we'll customize them, and that's always fun to see people wear because I love chokers."
Kim Kardashian may have gotten a little help from her dermatologist, but she credits her tiny waist and weight-loss to her low-carb Atkins 40 diet, waist training, and cardio exercise, according to Celebrity Health Fitness. Kim will actively diet and workout in order to reach her goal, for however long that takes her.[Photos by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]