Demi Lovato Probably Wasn't Sorry About That Whole Laughing At The Zika Virus Thing

Apologies are a strange thing, mostly because they don't actually mean much of anything.

Sure, they're nice to hear after some kind of grievance or offense, but that's not what brings forth forgiveness. In fact, they're only the stimulus -- no, not the "catalyst," that's a person, not an action. It's never about what one says, it's about what one does to prove that they're truly sorry for a wrong. Apologies mean nothing without a show of personal growth and understanding, and that's something that Demi Lovato needs to learn.

For those who are unaware, the "Cool For The Summer" pop starlet, 23, recently found herself under fire again for doing something without thinking. This time around, as expressed on the Inquisitr on Saturday, Lovato took to her Snapchat to film her allegedly drunken mother, Dianna Hart, making a quip about the deadly Zika virus.

"Everybody down in Rio," Hart slurs, "[is] gonna get the Zika virus." Not exactly comedy gold (or good taste, for that matter), but Demi still laughed. And loudly, at that.

Once the word and visual of Lovato's laughter about Zika went viral, fans of hers began to trend "#DemiLovatoIsOverParty" to express their contempt of the singer's heartless reaction to something so dire. Eventually, Demi responded in the same way every other celebrity seems to nowadays: with an apology on Twitter, according to E! Online.
Regardless of if anyone actually believed her reasoning, that should have, more or less, been the end of the situation. But alas, if anyone paid attention to the title of this op-ed, you probably guessed that it wasn't. In fact, Demi had quite a bit more to say on the situation, most notably, about the supporters who were upset enough to take part in the hashtag that called for the end of her popularity and career.

"If you watch everything I do," she tweeted after her initial statement, "you're still a fan. I ain't goin' nowhere, b****es."

It got even better -- and by that, we mean worse -- with her next Twitter comment.

The fact that Lovato believes that "hate" is something that occurs when she and her mother are dragged for their ignorance on the Zika virus is baffling enough, but does she not realize just how unapologetic she is coming across? It would be one thing if her fan base, the Lovatics, went after her for something she did right, which is a rare occurrence (we'll get into that momentarily), but they didn't. In fact, they should be applauded for not letting the glare of their favorite celebrity contradict the fact that Demi Lovato laughed at an inappropriate joke about a subject that is not remotely funny at all.

And no, no one's believing that she laughed because her mother sounded "southern," which, for the record, would be just as ignorant as laughing about a deadly disease.

demi lovato zika
[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]Furthermore, did she learn nothing from that whole Mariah Carey/Jennifer Lopez row that she stuck herself into? As noted by Billboard back in June, Lovato took it upon herself to defend fellow pop diva Ariana Grande after a fan of hers stated on Instagram that the former Nickelodeon star was a lesser version of the "Vision of Love" legend.

"[You've] got it the wrong way around, honey," she responded. "[Jennifer] keeps it classy, but [Mariah] is mean for no reason. Extremely talented? Yes. Superhuman? Possibly. Unnecessarily rude? Absolutely."

After being properly schooled by Carey's dedicated Lambily, who explained somewhat strongly that Mimi's infamous "I don't know her" line actually meant that Mariah didn't know the "If You Had My Love" performer as anything other than Jennifer Lopez (in other words, she didn't know her personally, only professionally), Lovato had a meltdown of childish proportions and promised to never step foot on social media again, other than Snapchat, because she was tired of being misunderstood.

"Damn, I gotta quit sayin' s**t," she wrote, as reported by Us Weekly. "But, why do people actually give a f**k [about] what I [have to] say?"

Because, A. they are your fans, and B. they look up to you in the hope that you impart some kind of wisdom on them. Obviously, they're wasting their time with the first aspect, and the second one has yet to occur with you, but we digress.

demi lovato zika
[Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images]At some point, just as it happened with the pop star who apologized so much, he turned it into a song, no one in their right mind is going to believe that Demi Lovato is genuine with her apologies. She refuses to do better after making public shows of them, and instead, finds a way to shift the blame to those who have made her popular. Fans were upset because they expected better of their idol and once again, she has proven that the light that shines upon her has created a burn of epic proportions.

Be careful, Demi. One day, it will be much too late to say sorry.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]