Catherine Stanek-Cousins, Timothy Koile: Suburban Wife Sex Scandal To Air On Oxygen's 'Snapped: Killer Couples'

Catherine Stanek-Cousins, the Florida widow who killed her husband, Sean Cousins, and had his body dumped in a creek to be with her lover, Timothy Koile, will be the subject matter for the next Snapped: Killer Couples on Oxygen. The hit-television crime series examines some of America's most chilling murders that were committed by lovers. For killing her husband, Catherine Stanek-Cousins, also known as Cathy Stanek-Cousins and Kathy Stanek, was convicted of her husband's murder. Listen in as members of law enforcement and acquaintances tell the tragic story.

Catherine Stanek-Cousins was a suburban wife who had grown tired of her three-year marriage to Sean Cousins, a pilot for the Caribbean airline Air Jamaica. However, her luck in the romance department changed after she saw Timothy Koile, a handsome man who moved into the neighborhood. Immediately sparks flew, and before long, they were in a hot and heavy sexual relationship.

A prison photo of Catherine Stanek-Cousins [Image via Florida Dept. of Corrections]Their hidden romance didn't go unnoticed by the other neighbors, and when Sean Cousins went missing, the suburban sex scandal was the talk of the town. Thirty-four-year-old Sean Patrick Cousins was missing for four days before his decomposed body was found dumped in a remote creek in Osceola County, Florida. An autopsy report performed on the body concluded that the victim was shot twice.

Police were able to zero in on Sean Cousin's Palm Beach Gardens wife, Catherine Stanek-Cousins, as a prime suspect. Once police had an approximate time of death for the victim, phone records were able to place Catherine inside of her home when her husband was killed. As police looked into the couple's background, they found that Catherine was a jealous and abusive woman who was prone to violence in the relationship with Sean.

Family members often saw Sean Cousins with bruises that were made at the hands of Catherine Stanek-Cousins. It was obvious that she didn't love him anymore, according to the Sun-Sentinel, and police had enough to build a case against her.

No one in Sean Cousins family was surprised that the killer was Catherine. In addition to Catherine Stanek-Cousins, investigators had their eye on one more person, Timothy Koile. At the time, neither Catherine nor Timothy were admitting to having any part in the killing.

But once prosecutors put the death penalty on the table, Timothy Koile decided to confess to being at the Cousins' home when the murder occurred.

According to Timothy, Catherine didn't just want Sean Cousins out of her life, she wanted him dead, and she was banking on cashing in on an insurance policy that would make her $1 million richer, according to Ocala.


On the day of the murder, Timothy said he walked in and saw Sean Cousins in a pool of blood with a gunshot wound to the body. He was still alive and begging for his life. Catherine Stanek-Cousins insisted that Timothy Koile finish the job, and when he refused, she got the gun and shot her husband in the head. Then, she belittled Timothy Koile and called him names for not having the guts to go through with it.

After the cold-blooded murder, Timothy Koile dumped the body in the creek. Phone records tied him to the area. In the end, Catherine Stanek-Cousins only received 15 years in prison and was released in 2015. Timothy Koile received a sentence of 10 years with five years probation. Judging from the prison records, it appears that Koile was originally released in 2011 but sent back to prison to finish out the rest of his sentence.

Sean Cousins was once married to another woman and fathered several children with her. To everyone who knew and loved Sean Cousins, Timothy Koile and Cathy Stanek-Cousins didn't get the sentences they deserved. Even still, the Cousins family is going to remember their beloved Sean forever. At trial, Sean Cousins' father, Patrick Cousins, made the following emotional statement, the Sun Sentinel continued.

"Tonight when you look up in the sky and see a star, I want you to ask yourself, Is that star dead? Most of the stars you see at night are dead. They died thousands of years ago, but their light is just reaching us. So though they are dead, their light shines on for all of us to see and so will Sean. His light will shine forever?"
Watch the riveting true-crime case of Catherine Stanek-Cousins tonight at 9/8 p.m. Central on Oxygen. Previously, Snapped: Killer Couples aired the case of Jeremy Moody and Lisa Toney.
[Photo by Palm Beach Post, Gary Coronado/AP Images]