'Big Brother 18' Spoilers: POV Results, Eviction Order Is Determined, And Paulie Accepts His 'BB18' Fate

Big Brother 18 has been a roller coaster ride the past few days, especially for the houseguest, Paulie Calafiore. The houseguests were surprised by a double eviction on Thursday and then Victor Arroyo, current Head of Household (HOH), put Corey Brooks and Paulie on the block. The close friends have to fight for the chance to take themselves off the block. Big Brother 18 spoilers have made it no secret that Victor's target is Paulie. Victor and Paul Abrahamian plan on winning the POV so they can keep the nominations the same and send Paulie out the door.

Online Big Brother reports that Victor won the POV. The Zingbot visited the house as many of the houseguests are wearing "Zingbot" T-shirts. Victor gave up $5K to keep the Veto. Apparently, that's when it dawned on Paulie that he was the target for the week. Other Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that James won $5K, and Paul received the punishment involving "a journey." It is a punishment that has been done several times in previous seasons.
Right after the Big Brother live feeds returned, Paulie rushed to the HOH room to congratulate Victor and beg him to take Corey off the block. Apparently, he wants to fight for his life in the Big Brother game but feels it is wrong to campaign against his good pal, Corey. Victor stated earlier in the day that he will not pull either nominee off the block, and Paulie is the target.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Paulie added that the result would be the same if he takes Corey off the block: he (Paulie) will leave on Thursday. He argued that he knows that he was the target all along. He just cannot campaign against Corey; he claimed it "didn't feel right."

"I would like to try and fight for my life. Um, ya know the same way you had two people to campaign against. Because I refuse to campaign against Corey. If you don't want to do that, it is completely up to you. I will sit, be quiet and (do?) my time, but I won't campaign against him. I will never campaign against any guy that was in my alliance. If you find it in yourself to pull him down, there's options that would still get me out of this house. Pretty much everyone already made their mind up about that. So, I would like to not just roll over and do nothing. I would like to at least have a chance to kind of ask and fight for it."
Big Brother Network reports that Paul and Victor disagreed about who to target after Paulie and Corey are gone. Victor wants to target James Huling after Corey and Paulie leave the game and bring Nicole Franzel in their alliance. He believed it would be easier to win against Nicole and explained that she is "not good at challenges." Paul disagreed with his plan citing that after evicting Corey, Nicole will be bitter and could be out for revenge. He thinks it's better to target Nicole then regroup and figure out their next move.
Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that they finally agree on a game plan. First, Paulie will go, then Corey. After that, it will be time for someone else besides Victor or Paul to win HOH to take aim at Nicole. After Nicole leaves, they agree it will be the time to take James out. It seems like a perfectly laid plan, but will it go according to plan?

The road to the final two on Big Brother hardly ever is smooth sailing. And when it seems to be going perfectly, Big Brother producers love to shake up the game and throw the contestants off. So it wouldn't be surprising if Nicole or Corey wins HOH next week. It looks like Victor will not use the POV on Monday, and Paulie will be evicted on Thursday. There is still so much Big Brother game to be played in the next few days, with the possibility of a last-minute vote flip. As we learned from last week's vote, anything can happen in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 18 fans, do you think Victor will use the Power of Veto on Monday's Veto meeting? Who will be evicted, Paulie or Corey?

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