Jeb Bush Allegedly Believes Donald Trump's Campaign May Be A Conspiracy, Hillary Clinton Was Hand-Picked To Win

Chrissie Williams

Former GOP presidential candidate, Jeb Bush allegedly believes that Donald Trump's campaign may be a conspiracy to ensure that Hillary Clinton will be elected as president in November. Bush took to Twitter to claim that Hillary and Donald are "thick as thieves" and "are on the same team."

Most people hate to admit it, but Jeb made sense when he explained why he felt that the 2016 Presidential Election could be Hillary's time to win. In December, Bush claimed that Donald negotiated a deal with Hillary that made sure that she would become the President of the United States. He argued that Donald and Hillary are "long-time friends" and that he "liked the Clintons." Now, Trump spends much of his day trying to find a way to get an edge on Clinton in the polls, only to come up short.

"Trump revived talk Tuesday of an independent run when he highlighted on Twitter a USA Today/Suffolk University poll that shows 68% of his supporters would back him, rather than the GOP nominee. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush responded by saying Trump would only be helping Clinton by splitting the conservative vote."

"Trump had previously supported Clinton's presidential candidacy and supported her during her time as a New York senator. Trump interviewed with Fox and Friends on July 15, 2015, where he admitted to previous contributions to Clinton's campaign, 'I'm a businessman, I contribute to everybody … That's part of the problem with the system,' Trump said nearly six months ago. He defended his contribution and downplayed it after suspicions from the GOP of a liberal mole."

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[Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images]