Harry Styles ‘Save Skylark’ Fundraiser, Art Contest Ends Soon, Still Needs 30 Percent For ‘Dunkirk’ Boat

The Save Skylark fundraiser and the art contest judged by Harry Styles’ mom, Anne Twist, are in their final days, and his fans on Twitter are throwing the project into overdrive.

Harry Styles fans are known to rally around a cause that he is interested in, but the project revolving around an old boat that is part of the Dunkirk history is one that Harry’s fans are supporting instead of starting.

Sadly, after several months of campaigning, time is running out for the project fundraiser, and some Harry Styles fans on Twitter claim that they have only one more week to reach the £5000 goal.

Currently, the project to raise money for the restoration of the boat Skylark is at 60 percent of the goal fans want to reach with £3,075, according to the Just Giving page on August 13. In order to promote the cause, several organizations are offering something for free, and Celeb Mix recently added a giveaway to encourage Harry Styles’ fans to donate to the Save Skylark project.

Some posts on Twitter seem to emphasize that the reason Harry Styles fans need to #SaveSkylark is because it was an important part of the One Direction star’s history. Despite this, one of the reasons that Harry Styles’ own mother may have become heavily involved in the fundraiser is due to how the boat is used in modern times.

Although the Skylark has historical significance because it was part of a fleet of “little boats” that saved men fighting World War II, according to the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships, the lives it saves today are those of people in recovery.

Without Lou Teasdale, Harry Styles will now be in charge of his own style. (Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

On the website for Save Skylark, Harry Styles fans learn more about the 600 lives saved by Skylark over 70 years ago, but today she is in the hands of the Skylark Trust, and there is also another website that is helping to restore Skylark IX.

In a recent tweet, the Skylark Trust pictured some of the people that are waiting on funds to restore the boat, and the photo is captioned with information about how they are “on the road to recovery” and renovating boats like Skylark is one of the ways they learn to heal.

On the Just Giving website, the hopes that Harry Styles fans have for the future of Skylark include that “she will move to Dumbarton Castle and will continue to be used for educational purposes.” Ultimately, on the 80-year anniversary of Operation Dynamo in 2020, Harry Styles fans hope that she can sail back to Dunkirk to be on display with other members of the “little ships” history.

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One of the earliest mentions of the #SaveSkylark Twitter hashtag campaign promoted by Harry Styles fans is June 25. This was soon after the Skylark Trust in Scotland posted on Twitter that they needed financial help to get this boat operational.

Soon after the connection between the Skylark and the movie Dunkirk was made, the fundraiser at Just Giving was promoted by two Harry Styles fans in England and The Netherlands. Regardless, the heavily promoted art contest that mainly features fan art of Harry Styles created by extremely talented fans was started by the Skylark Trust in Scotland.

Of course, ultimately, this restoration project is not about honoring Harry Styles’ service to the entertainment industry, but instead is focused on remembering the sacrifices of countless numbers of veterans during World War II. Pictured in many of the posts on the Skylark Trust website are photos of veterans from World War II that are still alive and supporting the cause to restore the boat.

There are also many important documentaries made about Dunkirk because it was one of the only times the U.K. “came close to losing World War II,” according to a BBC movie from 2013.

Interestingly, the relationship between Harry Styles and the actual Skylark goes deeper because Harry was an “Argyll” in the 2017 Dunkirk movie, and the Skylark Trust is operated by Argyll veterans.

Naturally, there has been a lot of publicity drawn to #SaveSkylark because Harry Styles’ mom is retweeting about the fundraiser. As a matter of fact, Harry Styles’ mom is judging the art contest for the Save Skylark project on August 19.

Since the contest is in the final week, there have been multiple posts of Harry Styles Dunkirk fan art popping up on Twitter to promote the fundraiser. Among the art examples are Skylark tattoo designs, but no Harry Styles Dunkirk portrait tattoos currently exist.

Sadly, with only a week left, it is unclear if Harry Styles fans will be able to raise all of the funds needed for the £5000 goal. Although the initial fundraiser goal set forth by the Skylark Trust was £1000, the initiators of the Save Skylark website said that they felt confident that Harry Styles fans could add to their fund and ensure it is available to the public.

The final day for donations to the Skylark boat related to the history portrayed in the 2017 Dunkirk movie with Harry Styles of One Direction is August 19.

It should be noted that the likelihood of Harry Styles fans donating the full amount to this cause is very high since they have done it so many times in the past. In fact, there are several epic examples of Harry Styles fans going into #1DFansGive charity fundraising overload.

On February 2, Sugarscape reported Harry Styles fans raised $40,000 for his twenty-second birthday and gave the funds to the Switchboard Malala charity.

As a matter of fact, this is a common theme as Harry Styles fans raised $16,000 for his birthday to donate to the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard in 2015, according to MTV.

In June 2015, a One Direction fan art book was created by fans along with the 1D Fans Give website in order to raise money for the causes Harry Styles and the gents support, such as Women’s Aid Federation of England and Doctors Without Borders, according to Teen Vogue.

Harry Styles fans also help his mother raise money for her charity projects. In March, Anne Twist announced on Twitter that she was raising £1,000 for Action Against Cancer, but fans of her son Harry Styles ended up donating £2,365, according to Movie News Guide.

Of course, fans get their charitable spirit from Harry Styles himself. A frequent supporter of good causes, some of Harry Styles’ fans have supported his actions for animal rights, LGBT rights, and The Little Princess Trust. Harry Styles along with One Direction have also been avid supporters of charities for children with terminal illnesses.

One of the earliest examples of Harry Styles talking about charity online is from July 30, 2011. At that time, Harry Styles tweeted the following to Professor Green.

“If I do get my tonsils out I’m going to donate them to charity. hahahhahaa!! That would be incredible!!”

It should be noted that there is one major fundraiser Harry Styles fans never completed and that is the attempt at raising £59 million to “buy the band” in March 2015, according to Metro.

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