'Lip Whip' Matte Lipsticks Last Long, Don't Dry Like Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits, Gain Buzz [Video]

Look out, Kylie Jenner: There's a new long-lasting matte lipstick in town -- and the buzz about the "Lip Whip" lipsticks from Beauty Bakerie Makeup all began with viral videos like the following, which show the "Lip Whip" colors applied to a person's forearm. Those "Lip Whip" colors won't even wash off when the person holds her arm under the flow of water and tries to rub them off.

Other videos show users trying to wipe the "Lip Whip" colors off of their lips with their finger, to no avail -- proving they are lipsticks with true staying power.As noted by the Huffington Post, who did their own research on the long-lasting wear of the "Lip Whip" lipsticks, those matte lipsticks by Beauty Bakerie Makeup last long and don't dry out the lips like Kylie Jenner's own popular lip kits. The publication gave several of the "Lip Whip" colors a try -- and reported that the lipsticks lasted throughout an entire day of eating, drinking, working out and more.

Applying the "Lip Whip" colors involves a process that begins with exfoliating and moisturizing the lips to prepare them to accept the matte lipsticks. In order to remove the "Lip Whip" colors, users can utilize an oil-based remover to finally get the bold colors off of their lips.

The "Lip Whip" brand seems popular because the founder and marketers used some of the best tactics for viral marketing. First off, using Instagram to promote a viral video that shows just how hard it is to wash off the matte lipsticks was a move that captured the attention of many people on social media.

[Image via Shutterstock]Next up, the manner in which users report that the "Lip Whip" colors don't dry out the lips like matte lipsticks normally do helped to provide a word-of-mouth flow that caused the brand to skyrocket throughout the stratosphere. Even prior to the shout-out by the Huffington Post, the "Lip Whip" colors proved their popularity by showing certain colors often sold out on their website.

The "Lip Whip" promoters also perform the selling tactics that social media beauty mavens love: They paint different colors of lipsticks and eye colors on the arms of wearers of many different shades so that people can get an idea of how the color will look on them before they buy it.

At $20 per pop for each "Lip Whip" color, as of this writing, the beauty firm is getting a big boost from the attention that a major publication can bring such a brand, as they bragged about on their Instagram page.

The proof is indeed in the pudding, with the "Lip Whip" lipsticks getting the blessing of folks who've actually used the product.

[Image via Shutterstock]As seen on the company history page, the founder Cashmere described how harsh times grew into the blessing of the beauty business that's now booming.
"As the CEO and Founder of Beauty Bakerie, I've had far too much of a good time for the past 5 years. From naming the company and each product to choosing the font carefully on each page of this website, from selling a few items every 6 months to the exponential growth we are now seeing, let me tell you, this has been the ride of my life!

"...I told myself I'd choose something and I'd remain committed to it despite any adversity. Thank you for supporting a brand that has withstood the lemons life has tossed my way. The lemon of teenage parenting alone, the lemon of divorce and the worst lemon: the lemon of Breast Cancer. There have been losses along the way and losses have a funny way of holding significant value because very similar to a gain, it helps shape who we become, how we deal with challenges and how we interact with others. If there is one thing I want you to do, it's to allow those gains and losses to make you 'better not bitter.'"

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