'The Elder Scrolls Online' Update Adds 'Clockwork City' DLC, Free Console-Specific Pet On PS4, Xbox One

Update 16, the Clockwork City DLC, and free pets are available now in The Elder Scrolls Online. The base game update and the DLC are out now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players with an active ESO Plus membership can play the new DLC without purchase. Those without a subscription can pick up the Clockwork City DLC for 2,000 Crowns in the Crown Store.

The new Clockwork City DLC features a new area for The Elder Scrolls Online including two new world bosses. Delves, quests, and other activities are also part of Sotha Sil's miniature realm. Players can expect this DLC to be comparable to the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood DLC. Repeatable bounties are part of this downloadable content, too. The DLC also includes a new 12-player Trial with Asylum weapons.

All players can start benefiting from the base game update which is also available now. Update 16 adds Transmutation to the MMORPG, lets players track their traits, and raises the Champion Point cap. According to the game's website, the Transmutation system lets players alter traits on all items including those they receive as drops in the game world. This process requires an item that can only be obtained from completing arenas, as rewards from daily dungeon quests, or by finishing pledges.

The Elder Scrolls Online free pets for consoles users
Fight mechanical beasts in the new DLC. [Image by Bethesda]

Players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can also pick up a free pet to celebrate the release of update 16 and the Clockwork City. Console-specific Brassilisks pets can be found on their platforms' storefront. PlayStation 4 players can adopt the blue Brassilisks pet by searching the PlayStation Store for The Elder Scrolls Online store page. From the game's page, players will need to select "Add-ons" to find the free pet. On Xbox One, players can search the Xbox One Store for The Elder Scrolls Online page. Open up the "Add-ons" area to find a green Brassilisks pet. The new pet will automatically be added to players' collections after they are purchased, for free, from the platform's store.

The latest update to The Elder Scrolls Online also adds a new PvP option to the Battlegrounds mode. The Crazy King mode has players find banners that move about the map. As a team holds the area, they earn points toward victory. The new Crazy Kind Battleground mode requires the Morrowind expansion to play. Patch notes for this feature and all others can be found on the game's official forums. There are separate entries for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One patches.

Of course, the Crown Store is also updated this month with new items. As the Inquisitr reported, the Skeletal Pony Guar is available right now for a limited time. A number of items were also retired from The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store this week.

[Featured Image by Bethesda]