‘OutDaughtered' Renewed For Another Season On TLC

America's only all-female set of quintuplets will be returning for a new season of OutDaughtered on TLC. On Danielle and Adam's family Facebook page, It's a Buzz World, the OutDaughtered couple announced the good news on August 9. They go on to say that they can finally talk about the future of OutDaughtered and for fans to head over to their blog for more information.

According to the family blog concerning OutDaughtered, TLC also released a statement stating that production has officially started on the new episodes of OutDaughtered, which will follow the family as they continue their exciting (and exhausting) journey with multiples. The OutDaughtered quints are now 15-months-old, and older sister Blayke has already turned 5-years-old.

The OutDaughtered babies, Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Riley Paige, and Parker Kate were born at 28 weeks on April 8, 2015, in Houston, Texas. The OutDaughtered quints spent approximately three months in the hospital and went home in July. Adam shared with People after the birth of the OutDaughtered five what the family's "new normal" was like.

"At the very beginning when we first got them all home, that was very hard," Adam said. "I mean, just keeping up with the feedings every three hours – I remember so many times where I would be laying in bed feeding a baby in the middle of the night and I would be woken up by the sound of a bottle hitting the floor because I just completely fell asleep and dropped the baby's bottle. You're just running on empty, on no sleep, all the time. It's just crazy."

Fans of OutDaughtered have seen how fortunate Adam and Danielle are to have such a caring family, and plenty of supportive friends to lend a hand. Entertainment Weekly noted that OutDaughtered follows not just Adam, Danielle, and their children, but includes the "heartwarming antics of the entire family" including Danielle's mother, Michelle. As they grow, the OutDaughtered babies are bound to have a lot of fun with their funny, quirky, and outspoken grandmother.

Even with all the help, viewers of the first season of OutDaughtered were very aware that the first year was tough on all of them, but this OutDaughtered family was able to handle every challenge that came their way. As the OutDaughtered babies grow and become increasingly mobile, a new season allows OutDaughtered fans to continue following along as Danielle and Adam learn how to quickly adapt and adjust to each new milestone and challenge.

"We went through the phase where there was no sleep, and then it got a little easier when they started holding their own bottles and sleeping better," OutDaughtered mom Danielle said. "But then it's like, now we've got five teething babies. This week, one gets a tooth in. The next week another one gets a tooth in. And then another one. It's nonstop."

As fans undoubtedly noticed on the previous season of OutDaughtered, with five babies and an older child, giving each one individual time and attention is the biggest challenge Danielle and Adam have faced since the very first day. The OutDaughtered couple likes to make their oldest daughter Blayke feel special, and Danielle noted that the oldest OutDaughtered child has handled the whole transition "amazingly."

"I mean, I don't think we could have asked for anything better as far as the adjustment went," Danielle says of Blayke, who often pitches in to help with the OutDaughtered quints. "From the day that she found out that she was going to have five sisters she played with five baby dolls at a time," adds Danielle. "She has been so hands on. She'll say: 'Oh, let me get you the wipes.' She's so smart."

OutDaughtered gave viewers a good idea of how difficult handling so many babies and all their gear can be. Last season on OutDaughtered, Danielle and Adam had to plan every single thing that they did when it came to their OutDaughtered quints. Going for walks, baths, meals, even changing diapers must be carefully planned out and can be quite challenging with five squirming, energetic OutDaughtered babies. Now that the girls are mobile, viewers of OutDaughtered will undoubtedly see what new challenges the adorable Busby children throw their parents' way.

The Busby blog mentions that they had a great experience while filming the first season of OutDaughtered, and were "blown away" at the response they received. Fans have definitely taken to the family of eight and now have the opportunity to watch even more of the girls on a new season of OutDaughtered. Are you a fan of OutDaughtered? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions concerning OutDaughtered below.

[Image via The Busbys/Twitter]