WWE News: WWE Superstar Paige Seriously Injured, Neck Injury Could Be Far Worse Than Assumed

WWE Superstar Paige has not been seen for a bit on WWE programming, causing some to worry about her and wonder where she could be. Several rumors have hit the internet, even as crazy as pregnancy rumors. Thankfully, most of the rumors going around about Paige are not true at all. She has been out with an injury. At first glance is seemed like an ordinary injury that would keep her out for a bit, but not as long due to no surgery being rumored to take place.

However, it appears that things have changed a bit for Paige as it is now said things are not good for her at the moment. According to The Wrestling Observer, Paige has been out with a neck injury that may have nerve damage on top of it. Usually this is the first sign to a major problem down the line for wrestlers who usually have to have surgery to repair the problem. Even then there is no guarantee she will be able to be back in a ring.

Meanwhile Daily Wrestling News claims she is going through back and shoulder problems. Both have agreed that the neck injury is causing weakness in her right arm, which is similar to the problem Daniel Bryan had a while back, which kept him out of the WWE for nearly a year. Even with surgery to repair his neck, it took him a good bit of time to recover. While he did come back from this injury, he did end up having to retire due to concussions.

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[Image via WWE]Nikki Bella on the other hand is now attempting to make a comeback after her neck surgery that kept her out for a year now. Doctors did clear her to return, but she will only be able to come back part-time and will never work a full-time WWE schedule again. The fact she was cleared is a very good sign for her. Some theorize that Paige has had a lot of ring time in her young career, having started to wrestle in her teens.

While she was quite young when she was signed to the company, she had a lot of ring time due to being over in The U.K. She is a second generation wrestler with most of her family performing under the Knight Family banner in the United Kingdom for years.

Paige is known as one of the toughest females in the WWE, even in all of pro-wrestling, and she typically wrestles safely with her opponents in the ring making her quite useful to the WWE in various ways. The one thing Paige has over both Nikki Bella and Daniel Bryan is youth. While she has been on the main roster a few years now, she is only 23 years old. Meanwhile Bella and Bryan were in their 30's when their major injuries came about.

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[Image via WWE]If Paige does have to end up getting a major neck surgery or even go through extensive rehab, her likelihood of being back to full strength is higher. While having issues with one's arm is normally a sign of major problems down the lines for a pro-wrestler, the youth Paige has on her side is huge for her compared to others.

Most surgeons will say to have surgeries younger if needed because there is a much better likelihood recovery will go well. Many like to put major surgeries off because they want to finish their career or simply go through with plans the company has for them before they undergo major surgeries.

However, most tend to be older when this pops up. If Paige has to miss a year or so, she'll still be back before she's 25 years old. There is still so much left in her career that taking time away won't hurt her in the slightest, where it would hurt older stars. While her future is uncertain as of now, here's hoping she makes a full recovery and can return to the WWE stronger than before.

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