'Criminal Minds' Guest Star Keith Tisdell Sentenced For Felony Grand Theft Of Shemar Moore

Hit television show Criminal Minds appears to be experiencing some recursive effects after a tough week. Crime seems to be happening behind the scenes, almost as much as it happens on screen. It was just this week that actor Thomas Gibson who plays Aaron Hotchner on the show was reportedly fired for kicking a writer.

It's not the first time Gibson has had problems on set, which is why he lost his job. But he's not the only cast member to be experiencing real life criminal minds dramas this week. Former star of the show, Shemar Moore, appeared in California court yesterday to testify at a sentencing hearing of his former friend and former Criminal Minds guest actor Keith Tisdell.

Keith Tisdell appeared on the show in Season 2 and again later in Season 8 in 2013. It was his time on set in 2013 that led to a fast friendship between himself and Shemar Moore. And for Moore, it was an expensive friendship.

Shemar Moore testified in court yesterday that over the course of their friendship, he allegedly funded a lot of Tisdell's needs. This included a set of $10,000 wheels for his car, expensive vacations, and extra money in the area of approximately $20,000. But that's not why Moore was in court yesterday. Shemar Moore was in court yesterday to testify at the sentencing hearing for Keith Tisdell, after Tisdell pleaded no contest to felony grand theft of $61,084 of Shemar Moore according to the L.A. Times.

The theft occurred at Shemar's retail outlet, a company known as Baby Girl LLC. The outlet sells items online that feature Shemar Moore's official website and brand.

Shemar Moore has been one of the most popular actors on the show Criminal Minds and spawned an active and devoted fan base. His on-screen mannerisms spurred a public love when he coined the phrase "Baby Girl" in on-screen conversations with his co-star Kirsten Vangsness who plays FBI document and technology analyst Penelope Garcia on the show.

The phrase caught on, and a retail outlet was born. The retail outlet sells items like iPhone 6 cases, nighties, hats, yoga and sweat suits, and booty shorts, all carrying the Baby Girl logo, or a photo of Shemar Moore. Most items on the site, including iPhone 6 cases and nighties, seem very affordable, retailing in the area of $29.99.

When Moore's friendship with Keith Tisdell started in 2013, Moore reportedly brought Tisdell in as a business partner for Baby Girl LLC. The business for Moore is not just a retail vanity base, he also sends a portion of all sales to the National MS Society, as his mother suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. This makes the news of Tisdell's theft even more distasteful to Shemar Moore fans.

In January, Keith Tisdell was arrested on what were then suspected charges of embezzlement according to ET Online. Shemar Moore did not learn of the suspected embezzlement right away until an audit was performed on his business, and it was revealed that cash was missing.

In July, Keith Tisdell pled no contest to felony grand theft charges. He was convicted of the charges and sentenced yesterday.

At the sentencing hearing, Moore told San Fernando, California, judge Judge Hayden Zacky that their on-set story was brought to life in friendship. He said when he asked Tisdell about the money, Tisdell was "not man enough" to fess up reports Us Weekly.

The L.A. Times reported yesterday that as Shemar testified, Tisdell reportedly shook his head in disagreement over the things that were being said about him. Judge Zacky sentenced Tisdell to three year's probation, and restitution of approximately $56,000. Following the sentencing hearing, Tisdell's lawyer gave Shemar Moore approximately $5,000 in money orders as the first payment of his restitution.

If Keith Tisdell complies with this sentencing order and stays out of trouble, he could have his conviction expunged. Shortly after the sentencing hearing, Tisdell took to Instagram with an odd posting for someone that has just been sentenced for felony grand theft.


At the end of the day, Shemar Moore is trying to stay positive, as his fans flock around him on Twitter and Instagram with their support. He took to Instagram as well, and rather than showing bitterness, chose to show his gratitude for the good things in life, telling his fans to "embrace blessings."


It is this spirit, along with his good looks and easy charm, that has led to such a strong following and fan base for Shemar Moore. While this news is disappointing his fans, they are more disappointed about the fact that he has permanently left the show Criminal Minds, and wonder if he will ever return with his "Baby Girl" isms again.

At this stage of the game, Shemar Moore is not ruling anything out. Watch Shemar Moore and Keith Tisdell act together in this clip from Criminal Minds, Season 8 Episode 18, right here.


Shemar Moore recently told TV Guide that the reason he left the show was to pursue the "next chapter" of his personal life and his career. He also wants to pursue the next chapter of his personal life.

TV Guide is also reporting that anything is possible on the possible return of Shemar Moore to Criminal Minds. Moore told TV Guide recently that signing a long term contract with the show was not going to happen, but, "If they ask me to come back and dance, yes, I would be willing to do that."

Season 12 of Criminal Minds is now filming with an air date for September 28. Shemar Moore also told TV Guide he's not saying goodbye to Derek Morgan for forever. Hope springs eternal for baby girls everywhere. Do you hope Shemar Moore comes back to the show?

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