'Big Brother 18' Spoilers: Paulie Threatens To Leave The Game Before Going To Jury

Big Brother 18 had major drama this week. Bridgette and Natalie blew up Paulie's entire game. He was running the house without anyone noticing and when they finally pieced everything together, it was game over. Thursday night was the double eviction. Zakiyah was sent packing instead of Michelle. Directly behind her was Bridgette, after Corey decided to waste his Head of Household win on Paulie's desires. While some fans were disappointed that a bigger move wasn't made, the biggest BB house shake-up came in the form of Victor winning HOH after the double eviction.

After some serious discussions, Victor had a plan of attack in place. Initially, the thought was to place Nicole and Corey up on the block together and use the back door method on Paulie. As luck would have it, Nicole was granted super safety this week and was unable to be placed on the block. Victor went ahead with his backup plan and nominated Corey and Paulie for eviction. Each nominee will have a chance at the Power of Veto competition to save themselves and live to play another week in the Big Brother house. Both have the ability to win if they try hard enough, but it looks like one of them is becoming an incredibly sore loser.

Today is the day the POV is played in the Big Brother house, but it will not air until Wednesday. Paulie was so upset about being nominated, he completely freaked out. According to Big Brother Leak, Paulie was crying while talking to Corey and told him that if he wins the POV, he will take Corey down. Overnight, there was a lot of backtracking done by Paulie. He had conversations with Natalie and Michelle, never owning up to the fact that what he said about them was wrong. The blame was deflected to Bridgette who wouldn't give him the time of day when it came to BB strategy. Paulie has even threatened to leave the entire game rather than go to the jury house with Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, and Bridgette. He would lose his stipend and cause a lot of trouble for himself. Right now, if he is evicted on Thursday night, fans expect him to be booed.

Victor has made it clear that he is here to play Big Brother and isn't afraid to make bold moves. Paulie tried to sweet talk him into believing that if he stays, Victor will not be his target. That could be true, but he doesn't care. The majority of the BB house wants Paulie gone and pending the POV results, it looks like he will be exiting on Thursday. There is a lot of downtime in between eviction and the POV ceremony, which could make for some very interesting events.This week will be awkward and chaotic in the house, especially if Paulie isn't able to save himself. He has been working on trying to backtrack on everything he has said up until this point, trying to make amends with Natalie after treating her terribly and discussing her body parts and giving Michelle the low down on how he feels about her. Despite what he believes, these girls are playing Big Brother better than he is at the moment.

There has been a lot of talk about how Paulie's actions have reflected on his family and friends. He hasn't stopped to think about the things he has said and done. Blaming Bridgette for supporting Natalie and telling her to stand up for herself is something he is heavily focused on. Paulie even said that outside of the Big Brother house, his female family members would take on Bridgette and Natalie for what they did to his game. Some people aren't cut out to play a game like Big Brother, and it looks like Paulie may be one that falls into that category.

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