Murdered Jogger Vanessa Marcotte May Have Injured Her Killer During Struggle For Her Life [Video]

According to law enforcement, murdered jogger Vanessa Marcotte likely fought back aggressively against her killer. The Google employee and jogger was murdered last Sunday in Massachusetts, and investigators believe that she may have fought back hard and strong enough to have injured her unknown murderer during the struggle. As USA Today reports, authorities are hopeful that murdered jogger Vanessa Marcotte may have done enough physical damage to her murderer that his injuries are easily visible and may lead to his arrest.

"We believe that there was struggle between Vanessa and her killer that may have resulted in her killer receiving injuries."
Police investigating the case of the murdered jogger think that the injuries Vanessa's killer may have sustained could include cuts, scrapes, scratches, and bruises, perhaps to his face and/or hands and arms. Authorities are asking anyone in the Massachusetts area who may have seen someone inexplicably suffering from such injuries to contact their local law enforcement division or Princeton, Massachusetts police.
While murdered jogger Vanessa Marcotte was in Massachusetts at the time of her brutal murder, she was actually a resident of New York. She is the second woman to be murdered while jogging in the area in a week's time. The first murdered Northeast jogger was Karina Vetrano. Vetrano is also believed to have fought ferociously for her life before being sexually assaulted and killed; as in the case of murdered jogger Vanessa Marcotte, her killer has still not been found.

The details in the Vanessa Marcotte case are disturbing, reports Mass Live. Reportedly, at the time of her untimely and brutal death, the murdered jogger was visiting her family in Princeton. On August 7, she went for a jog only a mile or so from her mom's home. She never returned.

When she wasn't back by the evening, her family reported disappearance to local law enforcement. Her body was found a short time later, around 8:30 p.m. When they discovered the remains of murdered jogger Vanessa Marcotte, first responders came across a horrific scene. Reportedly, Marcotte's body was found nude and had been burned, presumably by her murderer.

The remains of the murdered jogger were found less than half a mile from her distraught mother's home. According to authorities, it is believed that like murdered jogger Karina Vetrano, Vanessa Marcotte was sexually assaulted.

It is unknown if the case of murdered jogger Vanessa Marcotte is in some way connected to the as-yet-unsolved case of Karina Vetrano; however, profilers say that jogging women are often targets of sexual assault and other violent crimes. This is because joggers are often distracted, may have their ears covered with headphones, and tend to run, often alone, through unpopulated areas.
"It's a very productive place for someone wishing ill will."
It is also unknown if Vanessa Marcotte was deliberately targeted or the victim of a random crime of opportunity. However, as a regular jogger, anyone who paid attention to her running patterns could have had some insight into when and where to most easily target her.
"If someone wanted harm for her, they'd know where to find her."
It has been reported by law enforcement that they have made "some progress" into the investigation into murdered jogger and that they have received hundreds of tips regarding her unthinkable death, the first Princeton murder in decades. While law enforcement isn't specifically elaborating regarding what they've uncovered, earlier in the week it was reported that police had received a surveillance video depicting a "suspicious man with scratches," reports Mass Live.

Unfortunately for law enforcement investigating the case of murdered jogger Vanessa Marcotte, it was later determined that the man's injuries were consistent with a motorcycle accident he'd recently been involved in and not related to the crime.

The recent rash of murdered joggers in the Northeast has law enforcement, women, and the entire region on edge, especially when authorities have had no real leads or success in bringing the murders to justice.

Law enforcement involved in both murdered jogger cases continue to beg the public for their assistance in getting the killers (or killer) of murdered joggers Vanessa Marcotte and Karina Vetrano off the streets.

[Image via Princeton New Jersey Police Department]