'Bachelor In Paradise' Spoilers Week 3: Three Girls Arrive, Two Guys Leave, And One Contestant Returns To 'Paradise'

Bachelor in Paradise returns for a third week on Monday and Tuesday night with a new love triangle, one contestant's return to Paradise, and a desperate move by one guy that will leave him a bloody mess.

Here's a look at what viewers can expect to see on Bachelor in Paradise Week 3 (August 15 and Tuesday, August 16) including new cast arrivals, departures, drama, and two sneak peek videos from ABC (below).

[Warning: Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 spoilers ahead]

According to Reality Steve, three women will arrive in Paradise this week — Ashley Iaconetti, Caila Quinn, and Jen Saviano. By the end of the two-night drama fest, three contestants will go home — two guys and one woman, but there's a twist.

Last week, three men were added to the cast — Josh Murray, Brandon Andreen, and Christian Bishop. Before the new ladies arrive, Chris Harrison will host a rose ceremony that will leave two men rose-less.

bachelor in paradise rose ceremony Week 3
Bachelor In Paradise Rose Ceremony [Image via ABC Television Network]With only seven roses and nine guys, Sarah, Amanda, Lace, Izzy, Emily, Carly, and Haley will call the shots at Monday night's rose ceremony. Spoilers point to Christian leaving Paradise when Sarah gives her rose to Daniel. Brandon will also leave without a rose after just one date with the Ferguson twins.

And yes, Carly will give her rose to Evan after she friend zones him after that awkward minute-plus kiss, but there's more drama ahead for these two including a desperate move by Evan that will have everyone talking.

Chris Harrison tells Yahoo! that Evan "took it hard" when Carly said she wanted to be friends and nothing more. Although she gives him a rose to keep him on the show, his desperate move to woo Amanda Stanton away from Josh during Monday night's episode will backfire in a big way.

Bachelor in Paradise previews shown at the beginning of the season show Evan in an ambulance, prompting fans to assume that he gets in a brawl with Josh Murray after he finds out that Evan talked smack about him to Amanda.

According to ABC "things take a shocking turn when one overly excited bachelor [Evan] goes to extreme measures to win back his former fling, and his desperate actions bring both his crush and the medics rushing to his bedside!"

Instead of a fight with Josh, it appears that Evan will seek medical attention to get Carly's attention. Spoilers point to Carly giving Evan another shot — hopefully, he'll step it up in the kissing department.

Week 3 Dates

There are three date cards this week. Jared Haibon will go on two dates and Nick Viall will get his first shot at finding love this season.

Jared's date with Caila Quinn puts him on the fast-track to a new relationship in Paradise. Ashley Iaconetti will also take him on a date, one that the Inquisitr reports will lead to a new love triangle between Caila, Ashley, and Jared.

jared and caila bachelor in paradise
Jared and Caila [Image via ABC Television Network]Nick will also score one of this week's dates, his third date of the season. Although some Bachelor in Paradise fans called Amanda out on Twitter for ditching Nick for Josh, his Week 3 date with Jen Saviano is one that he has apparently been waiting for.

According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Amanda Stanton has now revealed that Nick "wasn't into her" during their date and states that Nick told her before filming started that he had his heart set on meeting Jen.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations Week 3

Viewers may see yet another rose ceremony cliffhanger this week, so the actual eliminations may not happen until the start of Week 4 (August 22). However, Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that Sarah Herron will be eliminated after Daniel decides to give his rose to twins Emily and Haley.

Ashley Iaconetti, who will finally realize that a friendship with Jared Haibon is as far as their relationship will go, leaves Paradise during the rose ceremony.

However, if spoilers are correct, Ashley will return before the end of the episode to ask for another shot at finding love. Of course, Chris Harrison allows her to return and she will finally go on a date with someone other than Jared during the two episodes that air during Week 4.

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Watch Bachelor in Paradise on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, followed by the After Paradise talk show on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET.

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