Quantum Break Headed To Steam: Developers Promise More Windows 10 Patches

Remedy Entertainment's Quantum Break is set to release on Steam, Valve's digital store, and in retail for $39.99 on September 14. According to Microsoft's Xbox Wire, the Steam version will pack all the updates released so far. That means the game will no longer be Windows 10 exclusive from Windows Store. Though Remedy has developed the game, it is published and owned by Microsoft. Nordic Games is in charge of the retail version titled Quantum Break: Timeless Collector's Edition contains these goodies - two posters, one soundtrack CD, quickstart guide, Making Of book, Making Of Blu-Ray, and five game discs. All of these goodies will come bundled in a premium packaging.

This action-adventure game with third-person shooter perspective arrived first for Xbox as well as Windows 10 platforms on April 5. Microsoft ensured that the Quantum Break remained Windows Store exclusive by luring the users with Xbox Play Anywhere integration with Xbox Live. Not many are fan of Microsoft's Universal Windows App program because of the several limitations.

Soon after the game's release, people complained about technical snags and crashes marring the experience, according to the Inquisitr. The folks who had purchased Quantum Break from the Windows Store were not only pissed at Remedy but also at Microsoft. Mostly because the latter's new DirectX 12, a graphics technology to for games and video, couldn't squeeze the best of the latest graphcis hardware.

Remedy worked closely with Microsoft Studios and released a massive 27GB heavy patch for the Windows 10 users in April. Following that, another patch in June to let users run the game even on old and unsupported hardware.

Microsoft's agenda to push Windows Store and Windows 10 hand-in-hand did not work out well, especially with Quantum Break, which happens to be the company's major game title. Meanwhile, the company celebrated the game as its best selling new Microsoft Studios IP for Xbox One platform. In order to revive itself from this, Microsoft along with Remedy are now looking at Steam, a popular digital game distritbution platform, according to bit-gamer.

Quantum Break's arrival on Steam certainly gives hope to all those gamers who had not updated their PCs to Windows 10 version. That is rather surprising since Steam rivals Microsoft's own Windows Store, meant for distributing games digitally on Windows 10 platform.

Steam gets more preference with a large library of games from big publishers to indie game developers. That too at attractive discounts.

quantum break to sell via steam from september 14
Quantum Break marries cinematic gaming action to a live-action show in which each decision shapes the story. [Image via Microsoft]

The Steam version of Quantum Break will work on all Windows 7 running PCs. Even the game developers confirmed that the users need a 64-bit version of Windows 7. Not only the game will pack all the updates released so far, it will also support the DirectX 11 version.

Meanwhile, early buyers of Quantum Break felt abandoned since the game developers were focusing more on the Steam version now. Also because the Steam version would obviously get a lower price than the launch price. But what really blew the lid was a tweet from Remedy's spokesperson.

Following the news about game hitting Steam next month, Remedy's head of communication, Thomas Puha, apparently stated on the Twitter, that the developer might not release another Windows 10 patch, reported PC Gamer.

Later, Puha clarified the developer's commitment towards Windows 10 users followed by an apology.

Quantum Break is already listed on Steam but will unlock only on September 14. On the same day, the Quantum Break: Timeless Collector's Edition will start selling for $39.99 at the brick-and-mortar stores.

[Image via Microsoft]