Sue Obama: Worldwide Internet Domination -- Plus, The Night Obama And Hillary Clinton Founded ISIS

When one first sees "Sue Obama" trending on Twitter, one immediately starts thinking about family members that they didn't realize President Obama has. After all, the surname "Obama" isn't all that popular in The States. Sue Obama? Is that Mr. Obama's long lost sister who plans to vote for Donald Trump like Obama's half-brother, Malik, according to the New York Post?

No, that's when a reader realizes that "Sue Obama" isn't a name, but an action verb. All those folks joking on Twitter about Sue preferring to be called Susan are quipping about the first two words of the Fox News article titled "Sue Obama administration to block Internet grab, group urges," which has gone viral.

It's the kind of article that makes a researcher look up ICANN -- the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers -- and National Telecommunications Information Administration and everything mentioned within the article to try and verify if the Obama Administration really plans to let the domain-naming responsibilities contract lapse in September, allowing the control to shift from the U.S. Commerce Department to a global board of directors.

After checking Snopes to ensure the veracity of the claims set forth in the article, one might land on a PC World piece that describes the fears of those thinking of suing the Obama administration to see their fears summed up in the following nutshell.

"The Republican Platform for 2016 is critical of the transition and accuses U.S. President Barack Obama of throwing the internet to the wolves, 'and they – Russia, China, Iran, and others – are ready to devour it.'"
The Tech Freedom version of the document uses ominous words like "ominously," but isn't as dark and gloomy as Trump's RNC speech. More technical than anything else, the piece gives way to allow folks to paint a dark picture of handing over control from a U.S. group, as reported by CIO, to a newly formed California group called the Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) -- a group tasked with making sure that the transition of ICANN control doesn't fall into the hands of dubious countries around the world who block their citizens from accessing the Interwebs.

[Photo by Mary Altaffer/AP Images]Whereas the "Sue Obama" trend has garnered less than 2,000 tweets on the morning of Saturday, August 13 -- but enough to place "Sue Obama" on Twitter's trending list -- another article seems to be gaining much more steam in the interim.

The tongue-in-cheek essay from NYMag, titled "The Night That Obama and Hillary Founded ISIS," has gotten nearly 20,000 social media shares since being published on Friday, August 12. Using some of the best stuff that fictional creativity is made of, the piece envisions a nearly 100-year-old weed-smoking Obama vampire who conspires with Hillary to create ISIS -- all caps, that is.

[Photo by J. Scott Applewhite/AP Images]Apparently, with the pace of the social media shares, the reading public is enjoying the ridiculousness of the vision of Clinton and Obama colluding to become the founders of ISIS a lot more than the ICANN news.
"Hillary and Obama talked for hours that night. When they got tired of the kitchen, they moved outside to the Rose Garden with a six-pack, a joint, and, like, a ton of cheese. They lay with their backs on the wet grass and looked up into the hazy Washington sky as Obama told her everything he imagined for the new terrorist group, and she listened and laughed and gradually finished the beer. When she felt sleepy, she put her head just inside one of his arms, closed her eyes, and let the sound of his plans to annihilate the Western world wash over her like the hot summer air. She interrupted him once to point out how weird roses look at night. He said he didn't want to talk about that and told her, in a cool way, to stop smoking all the weed...He told her 'like for real they had to focus right now on starting a terrorist group, and she laughed for what felt like an hour and 45 minutes."
[Photo by Ahn Young-joon/AP Images]