Is Taylor Swift Really Trying To Get In Touch Or Is She Desperately Revamping Her Image?

Either Taylor Swift is in a state of confusion or she's desperately trying to revamp her image. Some of her fans are onto her after her latest slew of Instagram posts. It seemed like it was just weeks ago Taylor was reverting back to her Red album era image after shaking off her grunge look. Now, she's becoming a country gal once again.

Taylor Swift, 26, is going back to her roots. Literally. The singer-songwriter is revisiting her farm days and country girl days by having what she calls a "garden party" with her parents. According to Us Weekly, Swift traded in her A-list squad for her adorable mom and dad in her latest Instagram posts. Donning her new curls, Swift tells her fans that she's trying to get back in touch with nature -- the trendy kind.

"[We're doing] some major gardening today. This is what we used to do back on the farm – except not with kale," Swift is heard saying in the now-deleted video.In another now-deleted video, Swift is seen crouched over soil boxes, focused on where to strategically place the plants. Swift's Instagram videos come after she was spotted rocking curly hair in New York last weekend. Her new hairstyle had fans wondering whether she's going back to her country music roots or if she's revamping her image after a recent string of controversies, as noted by Inquisitr. Both theories would make sense since Swift changes her look with each new album era, and she's exceptionally cunning about her good-girl image.
But, according to a recent report via, even Calvin Harris' rumored new girlfriend, Tinashe, knows that Swift isn't really a country girl at heart. Fans found this old tweet when they celebrated after Kimye exposed her on Snapchat. Swift was born and raised in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. She later moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue her country music career at the age of 14.So, if Swift's new look isn't for a new album, then what's really going on? Is she really trying to revamp her image by coming across as approachable and relatable to her fans once again?

According to Us Weekly, Swift's latest Instagram videos come weeks after her feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Swift has been taking a break from social media after the couple put her on blast on Snapchat for lying about whether she heard his controversial new song "Famous." Swift has also been out of the spotlight after she was blasted by the media for her relationship with actor Tom Hiddleston.

However, she did take time to wish her BFFs Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss, and Cara Delevingne happy birthdays, and she made her Instagram Stories debut with her new hairdo and her beloved cat, Olivia Benson. Swift also followed her boyfriend Tom Hiddleston, who joined Instagram earlier on in the week, and has followed her on the social media app, according to another report via People.

That still hasn't stopped the Swift and Hiddleston breakup rumors from swirling, according to Teen Vogue. It looks like her latest Instagram Stories are what triggered the rumors in the first place. The couple hasn't been spotted together for some time after they both returned to the states. At the time of the article, it was reported that neither of them were following each other on Instagram. But, it looks like Swift has caught on and Hiddleston has followed her back. The outlet also noted that Swift's fans didn't take long to speculate over their split in her latest Instagram videos.

Additionally, according to Radar Online, Hiddleston refused to answer any questions about his famous girlfriend in a recent interview. The actor reportedly wants some "space," which is why they are on opposite sides of the country right now. During his latest interview with the Los Angeles Times later on this week, Hiddleston was noticeably uncomfortable when he was asked about Swift. The reporter asked him about Robert Downey Jr.'s hilarious post welcoming him to Instagram.
"I don't mean to ask a really personal question, but can you talk to me about the Robert Downey Jr. relationship?" the reporter asked.Hiddleston nervously laughed and responded, "Robert and I are very close and I got to know him working on the Avengers in 2011. There's a lot of mutual affection. I feel like it's an expression of mutual admiration. It's great. He's very sweet." His costar then took to Instagram to jokingly show some affection back for Hiddleston.
According to the celebrity gossip outlet, Hiddleston made no mention about his other Instagram post, which poked fun at his relationship with Swift. The couple is rumored to be "cooling off" their fast-paced relationship, which had them traveling the world together and meeting each other's families. Swift and Hiddleston have been apart 16 days, as of right now.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift's latest Instagram posts? Do you think she's trying to revamp her image? Do you think it will even work? Sound off below in the comments section.

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