Kanye West Sex Tapes Are Being Sold To Highest Bidder

Kanye West Sex Tape

Kanye West sex tapes are making the rounds. Not only does the rapper have one tape on the open market, a second tape is also believed to exist, and both are being shopped to the highest bidder.

According to TMZ, the two tapes are nearly identical and impressively long. The first time is approximately twenty minutes long, and the second is nearly forty minutes in length. An inside source says the action is non-stop in both tapes with no breaks.

The tapes are believed to have been filmed with several of Kanye West’ ex-girlfriends and were taken several years ago.

A third party is shopping the tapes and sources close to the rapper say they were lifted from his computer without permission. The insider says Kanye West will sue anyone who attempts to make money off his stolen property.

Ironically, Kanye West is currently dating Kim Kardashian, a reality TV star who rose to fame after releasing a sex tape with then-boyfriend Ray J.

Kanye has claimed that no sex tapes exist, yet he has admitted on various occasions to watching the Kim Kardashian sex tape. Perhaps curiosity got the best of him and Kanye West tried to really get in touch with his Kim Kardashian fantasies years ago.

Kanye West joins a long list of celebrities with sex tapes, a list that now includes Gene Simmons, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Bam Margera, Pamela Anderson, and Tommy Lee among others.

Would you be willing to watch a Kanye West sex tape if it were released to the public?