Michael Phelps' Mom Wishes Son Would Reconsider Retirement — And Ryan Lochte, Too

Plutarc Sicat

Michael Phelps' mom wishes her son would reconsider retirement, Debbie Phelps said in an interview on NBC's Today show on Friday. In fact, Michael's mother sounded as if she weren't yet aware that her son has already declared his retirement all over the news. Daily Mail reports as follows.

"Debbie Phelps, who was sporting a tan jacket that her son's initials sewn in on her left side, said that she would love to see her son compete in the next Olympic Games in 2020: 'That would be wonderful, I already have the race picked out,' the proud mother said."

Sportsnet and the Associated Press have said the following.

"This is goodbye for Michael Phelps. The most decorated athlete in Olympic history has one more race before retirement."

"You never know how it can turn out. I mean I try and hold myself together, I really do. But it doesn't always work though."

Ryan gives the Los Angeles Times the "guarantee that Michael Phelps will swim at Tokyo Olympics [2020 Olympics]."

Here are Ryan Lochte's own words.

"You know what, I can definitely say that because I guarantee he will be there. I think so. I really think so. So, Michael, I'll see you in Tokyo."

Only time will tell if the Michael Phelps "weather man" will be accurate with his prediction for the second time. There's a lot that the public doesn't know that Ryan Lochte may be privy to as far as the greatest Olympic swimmer is concerned. After all, the two are known to work hard and play hard together. They are also usually Olympic village roommates.

Additionally, the unique demands of fatherhood and the economics of his family situation could make Phelps change his mind. And so although the most celebrated athlete of our time says with absolute certainty that he is retiring, his official statement should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, no one can predict the future — not even Michael Phelps.

As Benjamin Franklin has said and This Day In Quotes emphasizes: "Nothing is certain but death and taxes."

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